Nostalgia Central is a scrapbook providing a trip from the rockin’ fifties, via the swinging sixties, the mirror-balled seventies, and the day-glo eighties, to the Britpop nineties.

promoblurb2It is full of photographs and images, incidents and anecdotes, facts and figures, which will strike a light in the memory of anyone who lived through these decades, evoking all kinds of half-forgotten experiences and memories.

Every object unlocks an attic in the mind, a storehouse of reminiscence.

For those born later, we answer the question “what was it like?”. For this generation, this website is a travel guide to the past. A ticket to the time machine.

Did television really stop broadcasting during the day? Did men actually sit on the beach in a suit and tie? Was there truly a time when the motorways were as empty as the open seas?

The past, it has been said, is another country. If so, it is a place in which all of us have travelled. We remember its customs. We recognise its highways. We all know people there. If the past is another country, then each of us is a passport-carrying citizen of that land.

It was Homer (Simpson) who said “Every time you learn something new it pushes something old out of your brain” . If that is true, where does it leave our nostalgic memories? Worry no longer, because that is why Nostalgia Central is here – to remember for you.

promoblurb1So now you can go ahead and learn new stuff without fear of having some great memories pushed out of your brain.

Nostalgia Central does not say everything there is to say about the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, but it touches on everything significant – that is if you believe that the joy of a new Batman episode or the feel of a Raleigh Chopper are at least as important as the annual rate of inflation or the winning majority at an election . . .

You can use this site like a reference guide, a library, a map, or (if you want to do yourself some permanent damage) it can be read end-to-end like a long, long story.