Thunderturds Are Go!

Early in the proceedings of the 2004 live-action Thunderbirds movie, a character scornfully calls the line-up of International Rescue “Thunderturds” – A description which unfortunately fits the movie perfectly. Admittedly this movie was on a hiding to nothing from the beginning, because; a) It’s a live action movie based on a TV show which starred puppets, and(…)

Five of the worst TV comebacks

We are sticklers for a spot of nostalgia, whether that’s the return of former Saturday night fave Stars in their Eyes or the constant rumours that Miranda Hart is bringing back The Generation Game. Sometimes there’s nothing better than reconnecting with old friends, especially when those friends are famous, nice to look at and there(…)

Ooh You Are Awful! – Naughty Bits in British Cinema in the 1970s

As a new decade began, the Swinging Sixties became the Swapping Seventies. Well, that is if you believe everything you saw on the big screen. Britain’s film industry in the early 1970s consisted of the odd James Bond film and two series of witless though gloriously politically incorrect films which used the double entendres as often as Slade used the A Major(…)

Babes of S.H.A.D.O – The Girls of Skydiver

BABES OF S.H.A.D.O – Ayshea

BABES OF S.H.A.D.O – Colonel Virginia Lake

BABES OF S.H.A.D.O – The Girls of Moonbase


The Babes of S.H.A.D.O – Harlington-Straker ladies


The Babes of S.H.A.D.O – Lieutenant Gay Ellis

Behind The Scenes

A look at some fascinating behind the scenes shots from some classic television shows. Z Cars (1962 – 1978) Dad’s Army (1968 – 1977) U.F.O. (1970 – 1973) Star Trek (1966 – 1969)

Christmas with stars from the Telly

The Dustbinmen (1969 – 1970)

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