January 01 - In Northern Quebec (Canada), a fire kills 45 people at the Opemiska Club after a young man sets fire to party decorations as a prank. 02 - President Jimmy Carter tells the Senate it should not ratify the SALT nuclear arms treaty with the USSR until the Soviets withdraw from Afghanistan. 02(...)


January 01 - Greece becomes the 10th member of the Common Market. 02 - Fire breaks out at La Scala Opera House in Milan, Italy. 05 - 38-year-old long-distance lorry driver Peter Sutcliffe confesses to the Yorkshire Ripper killings. Sutcliffe murdered 13 women over a four-year period. 08 - London postal worker intercepts bomb sent(...)


January 02 - Erica Roe Streaks at Twickenham. 03 - South Korea lifts its night time curfew after 36 years. 05 - Public donations to the Penlee lifeboat disaster fund amount to £2,000,000. All to be shared by the families of the lost men. 06 - At least 21 people die in the USA after(...)


January 07 - Unemployment total in the USA reaches 12 million. 14 - Armed police ambush a car in Kensington, London, shooting and wounding a passenger, Stephen Waldorf. They later apologise stating that this was a case of mistaken identity. 17 - Launch of breakfast television in Britain with BBC's Breakfast Time. The ITV's Good(...)


January 01 - Brunei becomes independent of Britain. The Sultan of Brunei appoints himself Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Home Affairs Minister. 01 - After a bloodless coup, Major General Buhari becomes ruler of Nigeria. 01 - Alexis Korner, godfather of British blues, dies of cancer aged 55 (b. April 19 1928). 03 - A(...)


January 02 - USA officially withdraw from UNESCO. 07 - Nine striking miners in the UK are jailed for arson. 10 - Sir Clive Sinclair's ill-fated C5 battery-operated tricycle takes to the road. 10 - Eight die when a gas explosion wrecks a block of flats in Putney, South London. 13 - 390 people are(...)


January 01 - Spain and Portugal join the European Economic Community (EEC). 04 - Thin Lizzy bass player and vocalist, Phil Lynott dies of heart failure after laying in a coma for a week following a drug overdose. He is 34 years old (b. August 20 1951). 07 - President Reagan announces economic sanctions against(...)


January 02 - Ideological purity has reached the superficially cosy world of the nursery. In an attempt to excise any taint of racism, all new editions of Enid Blyton's Noddy books will be shorn of the traditional black golliwogs, who will be replaced by neutral gnomes. Traditionalist are appalled and claim that such "sanitisation" will destroy many(...)


January 04 - Karni Bheel, who boasted the longest moustache in India at 2.3m (7ft 10in) from tip to tip, is found decapitated. 17 - President Ortega offers a cease-fire to US-backed Contra rebels in Nicaragua, hoping to stop American aid. 20 - Two earthquakes, one registering seven on the Richter scale, are felt from(...)


January 01 - Fidel Castro completes 30 years in power in Cuba. 02 - The US and Canada sign a comprehensive free trade agreement which eliminates tariffs and other barriers to trade and investment. 04 - US Navy jets shoot down two Libyan MiG-23 fighters 112 kilometres off the Libyan coast. The Pentagon says they(...)

80s Speak

So . . . "Awesome" is equal to or slightly better than "Cool", certainly better than "Bad" (or "Bitchin") and about on a par with "Gnarly", but definitely nowhere near as good as "Tubular". . . well, that totally, like, rocks my world dude! AIRHEAD An intellectual lightweight. A term often used to describe a(...)

The 1980s

What were the 80s? . . . Bueller? . . . Anyone? New Wave, Big hair, Pac-Man, the Sinclair ZX computer, Dallas, Dynasty, Thatcherism, the Phillips 2000 VCR, Ronald Reagan, skinny ties, Hands Across America and starving Ethiopians saved by pop stars. The 80s was a decade where young folk wore fluorescent, neon clothing and(...)