January 01 - Stanley Matthews is the first ever professional footballer to be knighted. 01 - The first hydrofoil service begins on Sydney Harbour in Australia. 02 - Indonesia withdraws from the United Nations. 04 - Poet and author T S Eliot dies. 04 - President Johnson, in his State of The Union message, outlines(...)


January 01 - Pope Paul VI appeals for peace in Vietnam. 01 - In Central African Republic, Colonel Jean-Bedel Bokassa seizes power. 05 - Pentridge Prison escapees Ronald Ryan and Peter Walker are captured in Concord, Sydney. The two have been on the run for 17 days since shooting dead a warder and walking out(...)


January 01 - In Britain, Alf Ramsey is knighted and Bobby Moore gets an OBE in the New Years Honours. 01 - All Night Rave at The Roundhouse in London, featuring The Who, The Move, The Pink Floyd. "Psychedelicamania — come and watch the pretty lights," says the poster. 02 - Ronald Reagan is sworn(...)


January 04 - Number of US troops in Vietnam reaches 486,000. 04 - The search for Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt's body at Portsea in Victoria is called off. 05 - Dr Benjamin Spock is indicted for his anti-draft activities. 10 - John Grey Gorton takes over as Australian Prime Minister. 12 - Soviet writers(...)


January 01 - West Indies cricketer and politician Sir Learie Constantine becomes Britain's first black life peer. 03 - Religious and political factions clash in Londonderry after a 72-mile march from Belfast. The opposition to the civil rights march by the left-wing People's Democracy Group is led by the Reverend Ian Paisley, founder and leader(...)


January 01 - In Australia, Bob Hawke becomes ACTU president. 01 - The age of majority in Britain is reduced from 21 to 18. 01 - Jimi Hendrix debuts the Band of Gypsys at Fillmore East. The show is recorded for release. 02 - The FA suspends Manchester United star George Best for a month(...)


January 02 - 66 Football fans are killed when a barrier collapses at Ibrox Park in Glasgow following a match between old firm rivals Celtic and Rangers. A few seconds before the end of the match, as fans were already leaving, an equalising goal was scored. The fans surged back into the ground crushing the(...)


January 01 - French singer Maurice Chevalier dies (b. 1888) in Paris. He is 83. 03 - An IRA bomb injures 55 women and children when it explodes in a Belfast department store. 04 - Rose Heilbron is the first woman to sit as a judge at the Old Bailey in London. 05 - President(...)


January 01 - Britain, Denmark and Ireland join the Common Market. 04 - 400 children attack British troops in Londonderry. 07 - Hitler's car is sold for $153,000 at an Arizona auction. 09 - Southern Rhodesia closes its border with Zambia after terrorist attacks. 12 - Yassir Arafat is re-elected as PLO leader. 13 -(...)


January 01 - Golda Meir wins Israeli election. 01 - 38 Italians die when an Italia Airlines Fokker Friendship crashes near Turin. There are four survivors. 02 - US legislation for a national speed limit of 55 mph is signed to save America 200,000 barrels of oil each day. 02 - 18 British museums begin(...)


January 01 - The Watergate criminal trial ends. Aides of former President Nixon (John N. Mitchell, H. R. Haldeman, Robert Mardian and John D. Ehrlichman) are found guilty of trying to cover-up. 01 - The University of Wollongong (in Australia) is established. 02 - An American federal judge rules that John Lennon's lawyers may have access(...)


January 02 - 22 die as hurricane winds rock Britain. 05 - The Khmer Rouge drafts a new constitution in Cambodia, renaming it Democratic Kampuchea. 05 - Former Beatles road manager Mal Evans is shot dead by Los Angeles police investigating a domestic dispute. 06 - Following 15 sectarian murders within a week in Northern Ireland, the British government(...)


January 01 - Groucho Marx dies in Los Angeles. 02 - Legendary jazz pianist and composer Erroll Garner dies. 06 - "Charter 77" launched in Czechoslovakia calling for restoration of human rights. 06 - EMI sacks The Sex Pistols for "inexplicable behaviour". They are allowed to keep their £40,000 advance. 07 - Australian media mogul(...)


January 01 - An Air India Jumbo explodes killing 213. 03 - Indira Gandhi expelled from India's Congress Party. 05 - The Sex Pistols make their US concert debut with a gig in Atlanta, Georgia. 10 - The USSR launches Soyuz 27 with Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Oleg Makarov aboard. The craft docks at a second(...)


January 01 - USA and China establish diplomatic relations. 04 - Ohio agrees to pay $675,000 to families of dead and injured in Kent State University shootings. 04 - Influential jazz musician Charles Mingus, dies from a heart attack in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Aged 56. 04 - Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton Hotel chain, dies(...)

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