January 01 - Fred West, the Gloucestershire builder charged with 12 murders, commits suicide in his prison cell. Prison officers discover the 53-year-old's body hanging from strips of clothing at Winson Green prison near Birmingham. 02 - The most distant galaxy yet discovered is found by scientists using the Keck telescope in Hawaii. It's estimated(...)


January 05 - Yahya Ayyash - thought to be behind a wave of Islamic suicide bombings against Israel - is killed in Gaza by a booby-trapped cellular telephone. 07 - One of the biggest blizzards in US history hits the eastern side of the country causing more than 100 deaths. 08 - Former French president(...)


January 09 - Yachtsman Tony Bullimore is found alive five days after his boat capsized in the freezing Southern Ocean, 2200 km off the coast of Australia. 17 - Comedian Bill Cosby's only son is murdered while changing a flat tyre on his Mercedes convertible in the early hours of the morning. The body of(...)


January 01 - A new law comes into effect in California, prohibiting people from smoking in bars. 05 - Sonny Bono (of Sonny & Cher fame) dies in a skiing accident at South Lake Tahoe's Heavenly Ski Resort after colliding with a tree on an intermediate slope. 07 - Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky(...)


January 01 - 11 European countries replace their national currencies with the newly created Euro, a single European currency. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Ireland and Luxembourg all make the switch. The actual circulation of Euro coins and notes starts on 1 January 2002 when the old currencies become invalid. 07(...)

60s Speak

THE BAWL GAME Baby-sitting. Self explanatory really. BOSS We know who the boss is.... Bruce Springsteen, of course. And as a verb, it means to order someone around - But in the early 60s "boss" was an adjective. It meant cool.... or maybe hot. COOL When something was really, really, cool, it was hot. If(...)

70s Speak

Life magazine in December 1979 as part of a review of the decade. ADIDAS Brand-name graffiti appearing primarily on running shoes, including a pair that glows in the dark. AGEISM Discrimination against the elderly for being old. AIR SUPPORT "It's not bombing - it's air support" - U.S. Air Force colonel in Phnom Penh. See(...)

80s Speak

So . . . "Awesome" is equal to or slightly better than "Cool", certainly better than "Bad" (or "Bitchin") and about on a par with "Gnarly", but definitely nowhere near as good as "Tubular". . . well, that totally, like, rocks my world dude! AIRHEAD An intellectual lightweight. A term often used to describe a(...)

Bedrocks, The

Trevor Wisdom  Organ, vocals William Hixon  Guitar Owen Wisdom  Bass Leroy Mills  Trumpet Paul Douglas  Saxophone Reg Challenger  Drums

Cost of Living in Australia in 1977

Average Weekly Wage (male): $149.93 Average Weekly Wage (female): $138.71 3-seater sofa and 2 x leather-look armchairs: $259.00 Chrome and Glass Coffee Table (Square): $29.00 62cm Colour TV: $779.00 4-piece stereo system: $599.00 2-door fridge: $499 Electric frypan: $39.95 Toaster: $19.95 No 14 Chicken: $1.79 Bananas: o.33 per kg 100g jar of coffee: $1.12 Sausages: 0.72(...)

The 1950s

The Second World War was over. In Britain, the National Health Service was newly created (1948) and the coal industry and the railways were nationalised. Advances in medicine, extensive immunisation programmes and improvements in housing and hygiene put a spring in everyone's step, and by 1957, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan could truthfully say "most(...)

The 1960s

The Sixties to many is a decade of childhood memories - as much about Matchbox Cars as Vietnam; equal parts Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds as well as Woodstock and Hendrix. Have you ever watched Heartbeat on TV? Well it really was like that growing up in the sixties - Life was so much simpler. A(...)

The 1970s

The 1970s

Things were simple in the 1970s, even politicians (exhibit 1: Gerald Ford). This wonderful synthetic decade brought us Glam Rock, Pet Rocks and Punk Rock. Even bank clerks wore purple flared suits, had their hair permed, grew a Zapata moustache and had group sex in a hot tub with the accounts department. Cars were still(...)

The 1980s

What were the 80s? . . . Bueller? . . . Anyone? New Wave, Big hair, Pac-Man, the Sinclair ZX computer, Dallas, Dynasty, Thatcherism, the Phillips 2000 VCR, Ronald Reagan, skinny ties, Hands Across America and starving Ethiopians saved by pop stars. The 80s was a decade where young folk wore fluorescent, neon clothing and(...)

The 1990s

The recession of 1990, after the boom of the 1980s, provided a rather inauspicious beginning to the new decade. By the end of the year, unemployment was up, sales of new homes were down by a whopping 17.5 per cent, and economists were forecasting more of the same for 1991. New Labour ended 18 years(...)

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