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After The Fox (1966)

A rather forgettable Peter Sellers comedy about an ingenious criminal who becomes a movie director as a front to pull off a gold heist. After escaping from prison, notorious criminal Aldo Vanucci (Sellers), alias “The Fox”, dons a variety of disguises, his most novel being a film director which enables him to gain the manpower(…)

Against All Odds (1984)

A thick, incoherent plot trips up this steamy melodrama about a fading football player (Jeff Bridges) sent to track down the runaway mistress (Rachel Ward) of a small-time bookie and nightclub owner (James Woods). The story ranges from a torrid love affair in Mexico to corruption, murder and double crosses in Los Angeles. An exciting(…)

Age Of Consent (1969)

Disillusioned artist Brad Morahan escapes New York for his Australian homeland seeking solitude but instead discovers alcoholic Ma Ryan and her granddaughter Cora, who sits as his model. A visit from old acquaintance Nat Kelly ends with Kelly stealing $300 from Brad before leaving the island in a stolen boat. Ma discovers Brad has been(…)

Agnes of God (1985)

Based on a true incident, Agnes of God tells of the tragic events surrounding the birth of a baby in a Catholic convent of cloistered nuns. The mother is Sister Agnes, a young novice who has murdered the infant at birth by strangling it with the umbilical cord, then concealed her crime by stuffing the baby’s corpse(…)

Agony and The Ecstasy, The (1965)

The historical inaccuracies in the movie are abundant. There is no record of Michelangelo’s having been ministered to in times of illness by any contessinas, beautiful or otherwise, and most Renaissance historians agree that the real Michelangelo would have probably been more interested in a male nurse anyway. Other fanciful or fraudulent moments in Agony include Michelangelo’s(…)

Air Force One (1997)

US President James Marshall (Harrison Ford), is returning home from Russia with his wife and daughter on the presidential jumbo when it is hijacked by a ruthless gang of Russian terrorists. Their leader, Ivan Korshunov (Gary Oldman), demands the release of an imprisoned general or else he will kill a passenger every half hour. The(…)

Airplane (Flying High) (1980)

The tail of a plane slices through dark clouds like a shark fin breaking through the moonlit surf in Jaws . . . and so begins the hilarious Airplane! (known as Flying High in some non-US releases), a spoof of Zero Hour (1957). Trans-American Flight 209 takes off from Los Angeles to Chicago with multiple nutcases on board, while in the terminal(…)

Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)

Ken Finkleman – writer of Grease 2 (1982) –  wrote and directed this sequel to the hilarious 1980 film, Airplane!, retaining most of the characters from the original movie. After the events of the original film, Ted Striker (Hays) became a moon pilot, but was incarcerated in a lunatic asylum (named after Ronald Reagan) following a major screw-up, while the(…)

Airport ’77 (1977)

This is the second sequel to Airport (1970) and stars Jack Lemmon as pilot Don Gallagher. This time, the co-pilot (Robert Foxworth) of a private 747 Jumbo Jet outfitted like a Holiday Inn turns out to be a terrorist planning to steal some valuable artwork on board. The paintings – and the plane – belong to Jimmy(…)

Airport ’79 – The Concorde (1979)

The fourth helping of Airport adventure was subtitled The Concorde, and inevitably the film suffered from the law of diminishing returns. This time the plot dealt with an international arms dealer (Robert Wagner) who attempts to sabotage the Concorde on three separate occasions in an effort to destroy some incriminating evidence against him which is being carried by(…)

Airport (1970)

Airport (1970)

For a generation that grew up on Airplane! (1980), the definitive disaster spoof, it may be impossible to take the overblown melodramatics of this adaptation of Arthur Hailey’s best-seller seriously. But the combination of a star-studded cast, multiple story lines and special effects (in this case, just an aeroplane with a big hole in it) had moviegoers(…)

Airport 1975 (1974)

An all-star cast highlighted this mind-boggling 1970’s disaster film – The first of three sequels to Airport (1970). A 747 bound for Salt Lake City is hit by a small private plane whose pilot has suffered a heart attack. The collision rips a hole in the cockpit, and most of the crew are sucked out, leaving the(…)

Akira (1988)

Akira begins as it means to go on – with a nuclear explosion that devastates Tokyo. It ends with pretty much the same, augmented by the sort of bio-organic body transmutation that would have David Cronenberg reaching for the anaesthetic and self-piercing kit. In between these mind-blowing bookends is a sprawling, cyber-punk epic haunted by the(…)

Al Capone (1959)

1919, Chicago. A young scarfaced hoodlum joins one of the underworld gangs terrorising the city. Surrounded by corruption and murder, only the most ruthless will survive and rise to the top. This is the story of the man who became a legend. Rod Steiger is ideally cast as the ruthless gangster chieftain in this better-than-average biography.(…)

Aladdin (1992)

When street urchin Aladdin (voiced by Scott Weinger) releases a genie (voiced by Robin Williams) from a magic oil lamp, he uses its powers to help him woo the beautiful Princess Jasmine (Linda Larkin, Lea Salonga singing). But the genie’s abilities are also coveted by the evil Jafar (Jonathan Freeman), who plans to seize power(…)

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