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Camille 2000 (1969)

Amazingly groovy Euro-trash classic from erotic maestro Radley Metzger. Daniele Gaubert stars as Marguerite, a tragically beautiful aristocrat who can’t seem to have fun no matter how much sex she has (don’t you hate it when that happens?). She falls for the young and promising Armand, but sacrifices her love for him for the sake(…)

Campus Man (1987)

In an effort to meet tuition costs, Todd Barret (John Dye) an enterprising Arizona State student and aspiring businessman convinces his good-looking buddy, Brett (Steve Lyon), to pose for the first ever all male sports calendar. He eventually convinces Cactus Jack, a very shadowy and tough loan shark, to give him enough money to make the(…)

Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? (1969)

Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? (1969)

Anthony Newley’s sprawling musical fantasy, a Fellini-esque hotch-potch of dream-like sequences and irreverent whimsy, is a film that could only have been made in the 1960s. Heironymous Merkin sits on a beach surrounded by the flotsam and jetsam of his life, including a film biography which he projects to his family. We learn his story from(…)

Can’t Stop The Music (1980)

Can’t Stop the Music was made by Allan Carr, who was also responsible for the mega-musical Grease (1978), as a vehicle for the promotion of the Village People. It’s a vibrant and uplifting musical . . . and probably the longest and most expensive television commercial ever made. Idolised and applauded by children and adults of every age,(…)

Candy (1968)

One of the most underrated films of the 1960’s, Candy uses the lascivious adventures of your average, innocent, teenage sexpot (played by doe-eyed 19-year-old Swedish blonde Ewa Aulin – who was crowned Miss Teen Sweden in 1965) as an opportunity to satirise the American military, 60’s hippie idealism, middle-class morality and more. Based on Dr(…)

Candy Snatchers, The (1973)

” It started as such a simple crime, but for 16 year old Candy, dying would have been easier! Was a piece of Candy worth a fortune in diamonds? “ Catholic schoolgirl Candy (played by Susan Sennett, wife of Hollies/CSNY singer/songwriter Graham Nash) is kidnapped by three losers – Alan, his sister Jessie and Eddie(…)

Candyman (1992)

Chicago student Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) is researching a paper on urban myths, including that of the Candyman, a spirit with a hook hand who appears when his name is said five times into a mirror. When she hears of a murder apparently carried out by the Candyman on a run-down estate, she and a(…)

Cannery Row (1982)

A former baseball player befriends a group of down-and-outs, changing his life irrevocably in this drama starring Nick Nolte, Debra Winger, Audra Lindley, Frank McRae and M Emmet Walsh. Raquel Welch was originally cast but was fired midway through filming. It’s a pity, as her buxom sexuality might have roused this story of waterfront bums from(…)

Cannibal Girls (1973)

This Canadian-produced horror spoof by future SCTV stars starts with a young couple (Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin) stranded in a creepy town with a very creepy restaurant which is haunted by three dead women who hunger for human flesh. American International Pictures didn’t really know what to do with Cannibal Girls, so they edited in a sporadic(…)

Cannibal Holocaust (1979)

A young American film crew vanishes in the Colombian rainforest while shooting an anthropology documentary. Their footage, found with their remains and boldly retrieved by a university professor (Robert Kerman), reveals the horrible truth behind their disappearance. The footage shows that, after witnessing the barbaric practices of an Amazonian tribe, the sensation-seeking director, Alan Yates(…)

Cannonball Run, The (1981)

The Cannonball Run is a mindlessly stupid film, described by critic Jeffrey Lyons as making Smokey and the Bandit look like Richard III. Ostensibly about a cross-country motor race on public highways, this movie is a series of scrambled vignettes that would embarrass a high school camera class. Burt and obese sidekick Dom DeLuise are racing in an ambulance(…)

Canterbury Tales, The (1972)

Coming between The Decameron and Arabian Nights in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s classic tales trilogy, this bawdy adaptation of Chaucer’s masterpiece outraged the purists. Pasolini also guests as the poet accompanying the party of pilgrims, who relieve the tedium of their journey to Beckett’s shrine with a variety of tales. Glorying in the filth and vulgarity(…)

Cape Fear (1962)

A grim thriller about Max Cady, an ex-convict who seeks revenge on Sam Bowden – the meek lawyer he believes responsible for his eight-year prison sentence. Robert Mitchum plays the cigar-chomping sadistic sex offender who threatens to rape the wife of upright Florida attorney Gregory Peck. The wife is played by Polly Bergen, who returned to the(…)

Cape Fear (1991)

Cape Fear (1991)

Martin Scorsese’s surprising remake of the 1962 Cape Fear affords a masterly demonstration of his technical virtuosity, but eschews the creepy realism of the original to play to contemporary taste for over-wrought horror. The result is stylistically brilliant and harrowing. The basic plot remains the same: vengeful ex-con Max Cady (De Niro) mounts a terror campaign against the(…)

Caprice (1967)

The later movies of Doris Day now look like period artefacts: here she plays Patricia Foster – an agent (“The Spy Who Came in from the Cold Cream”) working for an international cosmetics company run by Jack Kruschen – in a confection co-produced by her then-husband Martin Melcher. Witty director Frank Tashlin shows his usual deft hand(…)

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