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Capricorn One (1978)

Taking a popular conspiracy theory a stage further - did the Americans really land on the Moon, or did they fake it in a TV studio? - this ingenious thriller sees three astronauts board Capricorn One, the first manned mission to Mars. But there's a technical hitch on the launch pad. As the world watches on TV,(...)

Captain Milkshake (1970)

Director Richard Crawford generated this profoundly-felt protest film about a young marine (Geoff Gage) on emergency leave from Vietnam falling in love with an anti-war militant hippie girl (Andrea Cagan), in and around real San Diego locations. Things get complicated with conservative relatives, irate hippies and an ill-fated Mexican drug run, all set to the(...)

Car Wash (1976)

A close-knit group of black employees at a Los Angeles car wash have all manner of strange visitors coming onto their forecourt one day, including Daddy Rich, a money-hungry evangelist from the "Church of Divine Economics", and a man who is mistaken as a mad bomber - but who is really simply carrying a urine(...)

Careful, He Might Hear You (1983)

Drama set in Australia in the 1930s, about the struggle between two sisters for the custody of the young son of their dead sister. In adapting Sumner Locke Elliott's novel for the screen, Carl Schultz has been careful to ensure that much of the action is seen from orphan Nicholas Gledhill's perspective as his aunts(...)

Carlito’s Way (1993)

Ten years after Scarface (1983), Pacino and director Brian De Palma reunited here for another crime-doesn't-pay drama. Carlito Brigante is a Puerto Rican assassin and drug dealer (although Pacino seems as Puerto Rican as Doris Day) from the East Harlem barrio who, after five years of a 30-year sentence in prison, gets out on appeal in(...)

Carmen Jones (1954)

The legendarily beautiful and troubled African-American actress Dorothy Dandridge (pictured at right), like so many sex symbols, was a martyr to her beauty in life, while in death she lies buried beneath her own mythology. Carmen Jones is the substance behind the hype, a portent explanation of her appeal and hold on the imagination so long(...)

Carnal Knowledge (1971)

This movie broke sexual taboos in the frankness with which it tackled its study of two college roommates and their sexual obsessions through two decades. The action spanned their schooldays in the late 1940s, up to middle-age in the early 1970s. Jack Nicholson was the lawyer who has a stormy relationship with his mistress (Ann-Margret) while(...)

Carpetbaggers, The (1964)

George Peppard plays hard-driven industrialist Jonas Cord in Paramount's highest-grossing film of 1964. While Cord builds aeroplanes, directs movies and breaks hearts, his friends and lovers try to reach his human side and find that it's an uphill battle. The film (and the Harold Robbins novel on which it was based) featured a number of thinly disguised(...)

Carrie (1976)

Adapted from a Stephen King novel, Carrie made telling use of split-screen techniques to follow cause and effect as it monitored the startling telekinetic powers of a teenage girl passing through a traumatic puberty, in one of the most powerful and original horror movies of the decade. The primary cause of Carrie's trauma was the sadistic tyranny(...)

Carry On Abroad (1972)

Carry On Abroad (or 'What a package') concerns saucy carry-ons in the Spanish resort of Elsbels. Vic Flange (Sid James) plans to bunk off on a package holiday with buxom Sadie Tomkins (Barbara Windsor). Much to his chagrin his wife finds out and insists on coming along. When the coach party of holidaymakers arrive at the(...)

Carry On Again, Doctor (1969)

Or "Where there’s a pill there’s a way", or "The bowels are ringing". . . Carry On Again, Doctor was a quick resurrection of the popularity of Carry On Doctor (1968) that saw the final Carry On contribution from Jim Dale for over 20 years. Dale is again the romantic lead, chasing after the nurses of Long Hampton Hospital (and catching most(...)

Carry On At your Convenience (1971)

The Carry On team throw caution to the wind and present an hour and a half of good, clean lavatorial humour.  This was the first sign of impending decline in the series and the major flop during a seemingly indestructible purple patch. Cascading with lavatorial gags, references, and, indeed, lavatories, everything in the film is totally over-played(...)

Carry On Behind (1975)

This is a modern reworking of Carry On Camping (1968), with all the usual stereotypes in place and a more near-the-knuckle treatment of sex and nudity. Carry On Behind boasts a fine cast of regulars - less than usual certainly, but still enough to keep it firmly in the familiar pattern. Kenneth Williams, grabbing centre stage, minces and(...)

Carry On Cabby (1963)

Carry On Cabby began life as a script that Paul Rothwell had worked on at the request of Peter Rogers, Call Me A Cab, following the premise of an established authority figure (Sid James) and a collection of clumsy bumblers (Charlie Hawtrey prominent among them). The moving portrayal of the marriage on the rocks between Charlie and(...)

Carry On Camping (1968)

Carry On Camping has no plot to speak of - it is simply a collection of familiar eccentrics going on a camping holiday. But when Sid Boggle and Bernie Lugg take their girlfriends to the Paradise Camp, the lecherous pair think they're off to a nudist colony. They couldn’t be more wrong. At the same time,(...)

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