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Carry On Cleo (1964)

The Carry On series had come of age with this, the tenth entry in the series. Sid James, Kenneth Connor and Joan Sims rejoined the fun and games while Jim Dale graduated to official romantic lead. In ancient Britain, square-wheel-maker Hengist Pod is among those captured by the Roman forces of Mark Antony and taken to Rome where he(...)

Carry On Columbus (1992)

Lisbon 1492: Christopher Columbus sets sail with his brother Bart and a motley crew, made up mostly of refugees from the Spanish Inquisition, to discover a direct sea route to the Far East. He does not realise that two spies, planted by the Sultan of Turkey, are on board. With many of the original Carry(...)

Carry On Constable (1960)

The Carry On team's homage to Dixon of Dock Green hits the floor running while the likes of Williams, Hawtrey and Connor are happily set in their familiar characterisations. The film's basic premise is vintage Norman Hudis, dealing with the urgent need for replacement police staff to plug the gap caused by absentees during a flu epidemic. Sgt Frank Wilkins(...)

Carry On Cowboy (1965)

Way out west, the peace of Stodge City is shattered when the dreaded Rumpo Kid rides into town and guns down the sheriff. Marshal P Knutt (yes, Marshal is his name - You can see where the confusion is heading), a travelling British Sanitary Engineer, finds himself suckered with the job of making the town(...)

Carry On Cruising (1962)

The first Carry On movie in colour and the last written by Norman Hudis, Carry On Cruising is arguably the most charming in the series. Set aboard the SS Happy Wanderer, it charts the course of captain Sid James's tenth anniversary cruise of the Mediterranean , during which the members of his new crew - the doctor(...)

Carry On Dick (1974)

This is a wonderfully bawdy celebration of legendary highwayman Dick Turpin, wallowing further in near-the-knuckle gags and sexually aware situations, perfectly suited for this historical salute. This film reunites the battling antihero/quiet alter ego of Sid James and the snooty, official but villainous figure of Kenneth Williams as Captain Desmond Fancey, who is sent from(...)

Carry On Doctor (1968)

Or "Nurse carries on again". In this sequel to Carry On Nurse, Francis Bigger (Frankie Howerd) is a notorious charlatan who tours the country lecturing on mind over matter. During one of his performances he falls off the platform and is taken to the chaotic local hospital. Matron (Hattie Jacques) romances supercilious Dr Tinkle (Kenneth Williams),(...)

Carry On Don’t Lose Your Head (1966)

"Mon blooming dieu!" A send-up of the French Revolution, with attractive costumes and elegant staging - and just as vulgar as ever. Don't Lose Your Head is a beautifully constructed period piece, thanks largely to lavish stately home location shooting and particularly high production values, the film is a rip-roaring romp through the French revolution and(...)

Carry On Emmannuelle (1978)

It was back to basics in more ways than one with this, the final film in the linear 20-year run of the original Carry On series. It's a return to innocent sexual banter and tongue-in-cheek innuendo; even though sex makes up the bulk of the film's plot it is treated with comic awareness and not smutty leering. The(...)

Carry On England (1976)

A major departure from the slap and tickle style of Carry On comedy, this film met with a woefully poor reaction from the public and brought the Carry On's to their lowest level. The sexual frustration and innocent banter had been completely abandoned and in its place was a more open-minded attitude to sex. Sadly lacking is a(...)

Carry On Follow That Camel (1967)

When Sergeant Bilko was demobbed, Phil Silvers came to England to play Sergeant Nocker of the Foreign Legion in this high-spirited satire of adventure epics. Unjustly accused of being a cheat, Beau West joins the French Foreign Legion where he immediately falls foul of the obnoxious Sergeant Nocker and Sheikh Abdul Abulbul. Not originally a Carry On film,(...)

Carry On Girls (1973)

Carry On Girls (1973)

Carry On Girls conjures up the ultimate in wet and windy, bored and mindless seaside communities, Fircombe. The ever-enterprising Sidney Fiddler (Sid James) dreams up the entertainment boosting and business attracting idea of a beauty contest and epitomises the feel-good innuendo and down-to-earth humour of the series. The film establishes two camps, with Sid's glorious celebration(...)

Carry On Henry (1971)

This rip-roaring return to the glories of British history saw the Carry On cast turn their attention to regal charm and Tudor manners, this timely salute to that royal rogue King Henry VIII couldn't possibly fail. Anyone other than Sid James is inconceivable in the lead part, and he rants, roars, womanises and drinks with a relish that(...)

Carry On Jack (1964)

The first Carry On costume comedy, and only the second in colour; mock mutinies, plank-walkings and general mayhem ensue as the Carry On team attempt to take on the might of the Spanish Armada. The year is 1805, and aboard the good ship Venus is Captain Fearless, who hates the sea and can’t stand violence. There is also a(...)

Carry On Loving (1970)

Or ‘It’s just one thing on top of another’. This virtually plotless movie is simply a collection of knowing sexually-geared comic sketches linked by the dubious Wedded Bliss Marriage Agency run by Sidney and Sophie Bliss (Sid James and Hattie Jacques). They are a suspicious and - in Sid's case - continually unfaithful 'wedded' couple;(...)

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