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Dune (1984)

Frank Herbert's mammoth cult novel, about the competition in the year 10,991 between two warring families for control of Dune - a barren planet renowned for its life-prolonging and mind-expanding spice - is converted by director David Lynch into a dense, swirling mass of religious symbolism and mysticism. Unwieldy and confusing, it's not as bad as it(...)

Dunkirk (1958)

The most ambitious Ealing film during the MGM period was Dunkirk, directed by Leslie Norman, with a script which fused a factual account by Ewan Butler with a novel, The Big Pick-Up, by Elleston Trevor. The screenplay was the work of W. P. Lipscomb, with David Divine, a journalist experienced in military affairs and history. It follows(...)

Dusty and Sweets McGee (1971)

"There was Red Herring, Woo-Woo, the Weird Beard and Tip, an everyday Dope Fiend who knew Nancy Wheeler when she lived in Venice, Pam and Larry, Big Time Male Hustler and City Life, the King of Van Nuys Blvd., and City Life's New Old Lady and Money Man and The Red Freak . . .(...)

Dynamite Brothers, The (1974)

Chinese man Larry Chin (former 70's Golden Harvest matinee kung-fu star Alan Tang) sneaks into America to locate his missing brother and ends up meeting Stud Brown (Timothy Brown), a young black man who decides to help him. The two head to Los Angeles where they run into various drug dealers as well as a crooked(...)

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