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Empire Strikes Back, The (1980)

Empire Strikes Back, The (1980)

The darkest of the original Star Wars trilogy, The Empire Strikes Back opens with a fantastic battle between the Rebels (the good guys) and Darth Vader's Evil Empire in which rocket ships zip around armoured juggernauts resembling five-hundred-foot-tall camels on hydraulic legs with death-spitting tongues (pictured below). The action never lags after that, and this sequel to Star Wars is more(...)

End Of The Road (1970)

It's possible that, a trillion years from now, a visiting alien will open a time capsule and alight upon a can of film containing this movie. After ten minutes, he'll switch it off and say to his alien comrade, "Fancy a beer, mate?" For few movies are as boringly awful as this one. Co-produced and(...)

Endless Love (1981)

Director Franco Zeffirelli did a castration job on Endless Love, reducing Scott Spencer's 1979 best-seller about the nature of sexual obsession to a soggy teenage romance between a 17-year-old Chicago boy (Martin Hewitt) and a 15-year-old girl (Brooke Shields). Shields' father (Don Murray) cannot abide what is going on between the young lovers, especially when Hewitt(...)

Endless Summer, The (1966)

Director Bruce Brown treats us to the ultimate Sixties hymn to young, footloose surfers everywhere, as he embarks on a round-the-world odyssey in search of the Perfect Wave with two surfers - Mike Hynson and Robert August. Capturing the subculture at the precise time it was having the most profound influence on popular music and Californian lifestyles,(...)

Enemy Mine (1985)

In the distant future, the population of Earth is at war with the reptilian Draconians. Two pilots, one from each side, crash-land on a desolate planet after a battle in space. To ensure their survival, they have to overcome the hostility they feel towards each other. Earthman Dennis Quaid and lizard-like alien Louis Gossett Jr(...)

Enforcer, The (1976)

This 1976 action film was the third in the Dirty Harry film series. Directed by James Fargo, it starred Clint Eastwood as Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan, Tyne Daly as Inspector Kate Moore and DeVeren Bookwalter as terrorist leader Bobby Maxwell. Callahan, an unorthodox San Francisco policeman, has to mount an attack against 'The People's Revolutionary Strike Force',(...)

English Patient, The (1996)

Anthony Minghella‘s lavish adaptation of Michael Ondaatje’s Booker winning novel was critically adored and showered in Oscars (although it provoked a backlash for expansive pretension in snide hindsight). In truth it was a breathtakingly beautiful, delicately performed if tritely concluded WWII romantic epic. Minghella crafts one of the greatest opening shots - a biplane soars(...)

Enter The Dragon (1973)

Enter The Dragon was a defining moment for martial arts films and for Bruce Lee (real name Lee Jun Fan). The first martial arts film produced by a major Hollywood studio came from Warner Brothers and made a star of Lee in the Western world. Before Enter The Dragon, Lee had appeared as Kato in the short-lived(...)

Entertaining Mr. Sloane (1970)

A lonely suburban woman (Beryl Reid) and her closeted gay brother (Harry Andrews) get more than they expected when they invite dubious young rogue, Sloane (Peter McEnery) into their lives. They take him in as a lodger and turn the other cheek when he murders their father (Alan Webb). Both blackmail Sloane by threatening to(...)

Equus (1977)

Judge Hesther Saloman (Eileen Atkins) approaches morose psychiatrist Dr. Martin Dysart (Richard Burton) with a request than he unravel the mind of troubled teenager Alan Strang (Peter Firth) and discover why the young man blinded six horses. In the process, Dysart discerns the boy’s psyche and determines that the source of the boy’s obsession is his(...)

Eraserhead (1977)

This classic from David Lynch blends paranoia, claustrophobia, and the ultra macabre into a truly unique story about a young man whose life changes dramatically when his girlfriend gives birth to a grotesque, premature baby. That's not a plot summary - just one event in a surreal, ghoulish web of actions in this striking and(...)

Escape From Alcatraz (1979)

The question of whether or not three inmates made it successfully to the mainland after an ingenious breakout from Alcatraz prison in June 1962 still holds a firm grip on public imagination. The warden in Escape From Alcatraz is as tough as you'd imagine, but not bright enough to realise prisoners are running around between the(...)

Escape From New York (1981)

The year is 1997 (the future) and the island of Manhattan has been turned into the world's biggest free-for-all maximum security prison. There's only one man tough enough to run it - Bob Hauk (Lee Van Cleef) - as opposed to former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke - who used to cry regularly on TV. The(...)

Escape From The Planet Of The Apes (1971)

The US military rescues a strange craft from the Pacific Ocean, and the soldiers are astonished when three spacesuit-clad chimpanzees emerge from inside. The 'ape-o-nauts', Cornelius, Zira and Milo, are transferred to the Los Angeles Zoo infirmary for study by two scientists, Dr Lewis Dixon and Dr Stephanie Branton. When they are left alone, the(...)

Escape To Victory (1981)

As a propaganda stunt, the Nazis arrange a football match during WWII between the national German team and a squad made up of prisoners of war. However, the PoW team see the game as a chance to attempt an audacious escape. Blessed with one of the silliest scripts in recent memory, this is a triumph(...)

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