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Eskimo Nell (1975)

This is the story of bold Benny U. Murdoch (Roy Kinnear) - owner of B.U.M Studios and producer of naughty sex pics - who wanted to film the notoriously filthy poem Eskimo Nell and got into a terrible fix. Charged with putting the film together, Dennis Morrison (Michael Armstrong) enlists his mate Clive (Terence Edmond) as producer(...)

Eureka (1982)

A gold prospector strikes it rich and lives in the lap of luxury on a Caribbean island until his headstrong daughter's troubles and a gang of Miami thugs cause his downfall. Gene Hackman (in a scorching performance) stars as the prospector who finds a fortune in gold but no joy in his life, particularly when(...)

Eva (1962)

Stanley Baker is Tyvian Jones, a successful Welsh novelist living the fast life in Italy, whose burgeoning career and marriage unravels when he becomes infatuated with an emotionally cold, high-class call girl (Jeanne Moreau). In another of his collaborations with director Joseph Losey, Baker plays convincingly against type as the needy one who puts himself(...)

Event Horizon (1997)

Named after the area of space around a black hole beyond which matter seemingly disappears, the Event Horizon here is an experimental spacecraft that has been missing for years but has just reappeared off Neptune. A rescue team, led by Laurence Fishburne, is sent to retrieve it in 2047, but it soon becomes apparent that(...)

Every Day’s A Holiday (1965)

Released in the US as Seaside Swingers, this film was a vehicle for 60s beat group, Freddie and The Dreamers. A bizarre collection of kids work together to win a televised talent competition at a British seaside resort. By some cinematic miracle, the bunch takes the top prize. Includes the pop tunes All I Want Is You, A(...)

Every Which Way But Loose (1979)

Clint Eastwood was warned by his associates not to make this picture, but he made it anyway, and his share of the profits were reputedly in excess of $15,000,000. So much for associates . . . Eastwood plays Phil Beddoe - a trucker who picks up money by challenging the toughest men in every area(...)

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex*/*But Were Afraid To Ask (1972)

This Woody Allen film was a literal rendering of the sex manual by Dr David Reuben that "contains every idea I have ever had about sex, including a few that led to my divorce". Seven significant questions about sex are answered in the film's seven episodes. 1. Do Aphrodisiacs Work? A court jester (Allen), who(...)

Evil Angels (1988)

On the night of 17 August 1980, mother-of-three Lindy Chamberlain (Meryl Streep) watches a dingo carry her baby daughter, Azaria, from a tent near Uluru (then known as Ayers Rock) in central Australia. Azaria's body is never found. A Northern Territory coroner's inquest clears Lindy and her husband, Pastor Michael Chamberlain (Sam Neill), of any wrongdoing.(...)

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

Sam Raimi has the genius to play blood-squirting horror for laughs and this one - where the bloke replaces his severed arm with a chainsaw - is wonderfully ridiculous. This thrill-packed heaven for gore-hounds starts with an embellished recap of the original film (1981) before spinning off into another possession tale, with hopeless hero Ash (Bruce(...)

Evil Dead, The (1981)

Cool horror flick starring B-movie king Bruce Campbell, and one of the first "video nasties" of the 80s. Adapting their own short called Within the Woods, childhood friends Sam Raimi, producer Robert Tapert and star Campbell secured funding from local businesses and traipsed off to the forest to make one of the most ferocious, original and(...)

Evita (1996)

Excalibur (1981)

This vivid and passionate telling of the Arthurian legend from director John Boorman is a thoroughly convincing visualisation of the Knights of the Round Table myth within Dark Ages history. Masterfully intermingling fable and magic with a gritty reality, Boorman explores the cosmic duality of good versus evil, paganism versus Christianity, mighty Merlin versus malevolent(...)

Exodus (1960)

Exodus (1960)

This sprawling 70mm epic, based on Leon Uris's chronicle about the formation of the state of Israel, offered some exciting moments with the struggling settlers. Unfortunately, the direction was often heavy-handed, with some wooden performances distracting from the flow. A shorter version might have worked better - After three and a half hours it ended(...)

Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)

   Four years after she was possessed by the demon Pazuzu, 18-year-old Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair) is living a quiet life under the watchful eye of child psychologist Dr Tuskin (Louise Fletcher). But Tuskin is convinced that something evil is still lurking within her patient and calls in Father Lamont (Richard Burton), a maverick priest(...)

Exorcist III, The (1990)

This third instalment in The Exorcist franchise features Oscar winner George C. Scott (Patton) at his gravelly-voiced best. Unlike the previously released and disastrous Exorcist II: The Heretic, The Exorcist III was written and directed by the original Exorcist author William Peter Blatty and was based on his 1983 best-selling novel Legion.   A woman(...)

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