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Funny Girl (1968)

Funny Girl (1968)

After enjoying a run of 1,348 performances on Broadway, this autobiography of showgirl Fanny Brice came to the big screen via director William Wyler, and producer Ray Stark - the husband of Fanny Brice's daughter. Barbra Streisand repeated the sensational, award-winning performance she gave on Broadway and in London's West End. The centrifugal force behind the(...)

Funny Lady (1975)

After the runaway success of Funny Girl (1968), it was inevitable that Columbia would want a sequel. The result was Funny Lady, a sort of 'Fanny Sings Again' which took up the Fanny Brice story after Nicky Arnstein's exit, and continued to show how the great comedienne had no luck with her love-life by chronicling her unhappy marriage(...)

Future Women (1969)

This notional sequel to The Million Eyes Of Su-Muru (1967) was released in some markets as The Seven Secrets of Sumuru, The Girl From Rio and Rio 70. The only link to Million Eyes is Shirley Eaton and even her character name changes from film to film (from Su-Muru to Sumuru). Jeff Sutton (Richard Wyler) arrives in Rio de Janeiro with nothing(...)

FutureWorld (1976)

Two reporters visit Delos, a the futuristic theme park, which has recently re-opened following the events of Westworld (1973) - this time with fail-safe robots. Newsman Chuck Browning (Peter Fonda) discovers that Duffy (Arthur Hill), the park's administrator, plans to dominate the world by luring heads of state to the centre and replacing them with robot doubles. Chuck(...)

Futz (1969)

In the first scene of Futz, the editorial, production and dramatic staff of the movie walk onto a stage dressed in tuxedos and evening gowns. Director Tom O'Horgan mounts the podium, nods to the elegantly dressed audience and begins conducting the audience on a mind-boggling trip . . . Within seconds the elegant staff of this shocking(...)

The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989)

Frank and Jack Baker (real-life brothers Beau and Jeff Bridges) are a cocktail lounge piano duo who content themselves playing to empty bars night after night. But when they employ professional escort turned sultry torch singer Susie Diamond (Michelle Pfeiffer) in an effort to revitalise their act, her arrival brings long-suppressed tensions to the surface. From her(...)

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