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Geisha Boy, The (1958)

Jerry Lewis's frantic, jerk-around comedy style here got its most suitable director, who saw him simply as a cartoon with no connection to real life. That's because Frank Tashlin used to be a cartoonist himself, so the sight gags are often hilarious. The comedy works less well when third-rate magician Lewis joins an army tour(...)

Genesis II (1973)

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry failed to strike similar gold with this contrived tale involving Alex Cord as the lone survivor of a post-millennium holocaust, watching as the Earth is re-created in the year 2133 AD by two opposing factions - a tale not to be taken as seriously as it takes itself and clearly(...)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the Marilyn Monroe mannerisms all combine in a very sexy explosion of music, comedy, and romance unequalled in the rest of her career. She had previously had many bit parts - and one starring role in the steamy drama  - but it was this film which saw Norma Jean Mortensen make her leap into the(...)

Georgy Girl (1966)

The wonderful Lynn Redgrave stars as the plump, rather dumpy and hopelessly un-hip Georgina (a role, bizarrely enough, first earmarked for her glamorous and svelte sister, Vanessa), pining for close chum Alan Bates while decidedly promiscuous roommate Charlotte Rampling jets around London looking delicious and shining as the man mad Meredith. This bittersweet look at(...)

Get Carter (1971)

If The Italian Job (1969) celebrated Britain's 1960s supremacy in everything from football (soccer to you lot on the left hand side of the Atlantic) to small-car design through the medium of the crime film, Get Carter was the opposite side off the coin - a signifier that Britain was lurching into the polyester decade of industrial disputes, the Yorkshire Ripper(...)

Get Crazy (1983)

A long-time employee of the legendary music venue Fillmore East in New York, director Allan Arkush was the right man for this rock-flavoured satire. A spoof comedy, in which a New Year's Eve concert is threatened by a trio of villains (Ed Begley Jr, Bobby Sherman and Fabian), it has actors playing musicians and vice(...)

Get Shorty (1995)

This adaptation of Elmore Leonard's novel explores the murky world of Hollywood's links to organised crime. John Travolta plays Florida gangster Chili Palmer, who arrives in Tinseltown to collect a bad debt from sleazeball movie producer Gene Hackman and decides to stay, importing his strong-arm methods into movie production. Made in the wake of Pulp(...)

Get Yourself A College Girl (1964)

Student Mary Ann Mobley gets into trouble when she's exposed as the songwriter of some disreputable - but supposedly groovy - tunes. Fortunately, an ambitious senator (Willard Waterman) is around to help out - in exchange for some youth "cred" with the voters. This would-be fun teen picture is saved by the appearance of a(...)

Getaway, The (1972)

Carter "Doc" McCoy (Steve McQueen) is about as tough as they come. A criminal as unscrupulous as he is intelligent, Doc enters into an illegal bargain with his lawyer Jack Benyon (Ben Johnson) as a means of getting released early from his ten year sentence in a maximum security Texas penitentiary. Benyon, it so happens,(...)

Getting Straight (1970)

Made on the back of Easy Rider (1969) and the anti-Vietnam War campaign, this was one of several "campus movies" that enabled studio executives to look cool and save money on ties. Elliott Gould - who, after M*A*S*H briefly became a counterculture hero - plays a Vietnam veteran. Resuming his university education, he becomes embroiled in campus(...)

Ghost (1990)

Patrick Swayze is a yuppie stockbroker who gets knifed by a mugger in the first reel and returns as a genial ghost to prove to his girl (Demi Moore) that he still loves her beyond death. He even solves his own murder with the aid of a fake medium (Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg). Swayze literally walks(...)

Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The (1965)

Everyone's favourite scaredy-pants comedian Don Knotts returned to the big screen in 1965, starring in the comedy frightfest The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Fittingly, the film was produced by Universal, the studio that built its horror reputation through classics like Frankenstein, Dracula and The Mummy. Knotts stars as Luther Heggs, typesetter for a small-town newspaper. Luther has two goals in(...)

Ghost Goes Gear, The (1966)

This 24-carat piece of 60s pop trivia was made as a showcase for the popular British blues-soul band The Spencer Davis Group. The band are spending the summer as entertainers on a pleasure steamer plying the Thames near Windsor. While packing up their instruments after the show one day, Peter York's drum falls into the(...)

Ghost in the Invisible Bikini, The (1966)

The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini was a wild beach party romp in which a motorcycle gang gets involved with a Frankenstein's monster type at a haunted mansion. Hiram Stokely (Boris Karloff in one of his last film roles) is visited in his coffin by Cecily (Susan Hart), the ghost of his sweetheart of 30 years ago. She(...)

GhostBusters (1984)

Scientists Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) , Raymond Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) and Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) are fired from their university because their paranormal research is conducted by them "more like a game show host" than serious researchers and scientists. To raise money to further support their work, the three eccentrics decide to open their own(...)

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