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GhostBusters II (1989)

When a 16th-century tyrant and a river of angry pink ooze threaten New York City, who ya gonna call? (It's a rhetorical question.) Ghostbusters II brought back Drs. Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and the rest, but life hadn't been kind in the five years - both in real time and movie time - since the original Ghostbusters film. At(...)

Ghoulies (1984)

Jonathan Graves (Peter Liapis) falls under the evil spell of his late occultist father, Malcolm (Michael Des Barres,) after moving into the family mansion, unleashing a number of grotesque and deadly creatures from another dimension. Jonathan and his wife, Rebecca (Lisa Pelikan,) invite a group of friends over for a party (including a young Mariska Hargitay)(...)

Giant (1956)

Edna Ferber specialised in writing sprawling family sagas, several of them set in the West. Her 1930 novel Cimarron was twice filmed by Hollywood, as was the 1926 film Show Boat, set in the Deep South. In Giant, written in 1950, Bick Benedict (Rock Hudson) is a Texas cattle baron who marries a spirited Maryland belle, Leslie (Elizabeth Taylor).(...)

Gidget (1959)

Sixteen-year-old Frances Lawrence (pert blonde, blue-eyed screen newcomer Sandra Dee at her most innocent) is the film's title character, christened 'Gidget' by her friends at the beach (girl + midget = Gidget). Gidget and her more mature and boy hungry friends (including future Batgirl Yvonne Craig) start their summer vacation by heading to the beach(...)

Gigi (1958)

Finally breaking the record number of Academy Awards won by Gone With The Wind, Vincente Minnelli's scrumptious MGM musical took home nine Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. Based on Colette's short story of a petite Parisienne groomed by her grandmother and great aunt to be a courtesan in the family tradition, Gigi was created for the(...)

Gimme Shelter (1970)

Gimme Shelter follows The Rolling Stones on their 1969 US tour, catching them at their absolute apex. Interspersed with the live concert footage we see the negotiations between lawyers and promoters who must find a last-minute alternative venue for a free concert scheduled in San Francisco. They decide on the Altamont Speedway. All events in the film lead to(...)

Girl Can’t Help It, The (1957)

This rock 'n' roll comedy starring Tom Ewell and the pneumatic Jayne Mansfield is witty, stylish, clever and (by today's standards) extraordinarily sexist. Tom Miller (Ewell), a small-time theatrical agent, is given the task of turning glamorous Jerri Jordan (Mansfield in her first film) into a top rock 'n' roll personality. The problem is that(...)

Girl Happy (1965)

Elvis Presley and the Jordanaires hit the beaches of sunny Fort Lauderdale to baby-sit the beautiful, brainy daughter of their mobster nightclub-owner boss in exchange for a booking. Naturally, a springtime romance blossoms between the King (as pop singer Rusty Wells) and his ward. One of the better Elvis comedies, enlivened by the presence of Presley's(...)

Girl in the Bikini, The (1952)

Girl in the Kremlin, The (1957)

Thriller based on the assumption that Stalin's funeral was actually that of a double and that the tyrant himself escaped with half the Russian treasury. Steve Anderson Lex Barker Lili Grisenko/Greta Grisenko Zsa Zsa Gabor Mischa Rimilkin Jeffrey Stone Joseph Stalin Maurice Manson Jacob Stalin William Schallert Lavrenti Beria Aram Katcher Dasha Natalia Daryll Smetka(...)

Girl Most Likely, The (1958)

Musical comedy about a girl named Dodie (Jane Powell) who receives - and accepts - three proposals of marriage. One from her boyfriend, Buzz (a real estate salesman), one from Pete (who she thinks is rich but turns out to be a happy-go-lucky boat mechanic) and one from Neil Patterson (who is rich and whisks her down(...)

Girl On A Motorcycle, The (1968)

Director Jack Cardiff adapted the erotic novel, La Motorcyclette, with prototype rich waif Marianne Faithfull as a young French housewife seething with masochistic obsession for sadistic lover Alain Delon. Bored with her new husband, horny hog-riding adulteress Faithfull strips down and zips on the skin-tight black leather jumpsuit her detached philosopher lover (Delon) gave her as a wedding(...)

Girl On The Boat, The (1960)

Zany British jokester Norman Wisdom tried something different from his usual slapstick with this seagoing comedy romance set in the roaring '20s.   Two men returning to England on a transatlantic liner fall in love with two fellow passengers, which leads to a series of hilarious comic situations. Millicent Martin and Bernard Cribbins also star in this(...)

Girl With Green Eyes, The (1964)

An innocent Irish country lass (Rita Tushingham) leaves her father's Co Clare farm to work in Dublin and falls in love with a cold, callous older man (Peter Finch), who ignores her wisecracking, more sophisticated roommate (Lynn Redgrave). The decline in the relationship between the two shopgirl friends is conveyed with great skill and debutant director Desmond(...)

Girl-Getters, The (1966)

During the summer season at the seaside resort of Roxham a gang of young men led by womanising photographer Tinker (Oliver Reed) have perfected a system for collecting any pretty arrivals and sharing them on rota. Tinker spots Nicola (Jane Merrow), a rich, elegant and blasé fashion model who plays him at his own game and(...)

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