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Hackers (1995)

Teenage hackers uncover a massive computer fraud in this romantic action adventure from director Iain Softley that's set against the intriguing backdrop of New York's cyber-culture. It's little more than a standard industrial espionage chase thriller, given a stylish patina by its digital-age atmosphere, complete with often bewildering technical data and imaginative journeys down the(...)

Hair (1979)

Hair (1979)

The 1960s stage musical Hair was rigorously anti-Vietnam, vigorously anti-authority and glorified free love, bisexuality, long hair, draft-card burning, LSD and body odour. It still played very much like the Sixties period-piece it had already become when it was belatedly filmed in 1979. What Hair had to say in 1967, to cynics who wanted no part of conventional society,(...)

Hairspray (1988)

Hairspray (1988)

Long-time cult film director John Waters burst into the mainstream with this cheerfully zany spoof of 1960s TV teen dance shows. Ricki Lake may be better known for her weird and wonderful US chat show (that ran until 2004), but it was director Waters who launched her into stardom with this kitsch classic. Waters toned(...)

Half A Sixpence (1967)

A 10-year-old orphan, Arthur Kipps, and his tiny friend Ann, are wandering beside a stream in the English countryside, when they find a shiny new sixpence. They vow that the coin shall be the symbol of their undying affection. Years later, Kipps is apprenticed to a draper in a nearby town. Before he leaves, he(...)

Halloween (1978)

John Carpenter's low-budget classic wrings every possible chill out of its story of a psychopath called Michael Myers (not the Austin Powers one) terrorising Jamie Lee Curtis and her fellow babysitters on Halloween eve. The film begins in a Midwestern town on Halloween night in 1963 with the brutal stabbing of a teenager - by(...)

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

It's 30 October 1988, and Michael Myers has been in a coma since his pursuit of Laurie Strode was finally stopped ten years ago, in Halloween II (1981). While being transferred from Richmond Mental Institute to Smith's Grove, Myers awakes and hears that he has a seven-year-old niece in Haddonfield. He kills the transfer crew and(...)

Halloween 5 (1989)

Set one year after the events of Halloween 4 (1988), Michael Myers returns to Haddonsfield once again to try and kill his young niece. This was shot back-to-back with the previous film, but the only link with John Carpenter's brilliant 1978 original is Donald Pleasence as the killer's psychiatrist Dr Sam Loomis, named after a character(...)

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)

John Carpenter's classic 1978 chiller gets a 1990s makeover, although in the hands of director Steve Miner the emphasis here is still firmly on frights rather than in-jokes. Jamie Lee Curtis, back in the role that made her name, is now a recovering alcoholic and headteacher at an exclusive boarding school. The problem is her(...)

Halloween II (1981)

The first sequel to John Carpenter's seminal horror film. It is still Halloween night 1978 and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is in Haddonfield Hospital recovering from Michael Myers' near-fatal attack upon her. She now believes Myers to be dead, but somehow he comes back from the grave and the mayhem begins all over again.(...)

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

This second sequel has nothing to do with the first and second films in the Halloween series and Michael Myers is nowhere in sight. In Santa Mira, California, a large mask-making company called Silver Shamrock has opened up, selling popular Halloween masks to children across the country. Dr. Dan Challis, a local doctor, stumbles on a plot to(...)

Hamburger Hill (1987)

A straightforward documentary-style account of bloody real-life Vietnam action. A platoon from Bravo company of the 101st Airborne Division is ordered to take Hill 937 in the Ashau Valley, Vietnam, despite it being heavily defended by North Vietnamese army regulars. After ten days and 11 assaults, when everyone has been put through the meat grinder, the hill(...)

Hammer (1972)

Tough guy Fred Williamson's breakthrough movie was this below average blaxploitation crime thriller produced by drive-in movie king, Al Adamson. Williamson plays BJ Hammer, dock worker-turned-prizefighting boxer whose Mafia manager wants him to start throwing bouts. When he refuses to take a dive, hit man William Smith is hired to kill him. Blacula (1972) star Vonetta(...)

Hammerhead (1968)

This late-1960s spy adventure marked the only screen appearance for James Mayo's literary creation Charles Hood, a British art connoisseur with a taste for high living, sex and violence. As played by American Vince Edwards, he's a mostly bland hero, with a greatly reduced libido, little aptitude for espionage and a regrettable taste for instant(...)

Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The (1992)

Disney moved in on the quick-buck slasher market with this disarmingly tacky rip-off of Fatal Attraction (1987) and every crazed-nanny flick ever made. There's no telling how Uncle Walt would have reacted to the opening scene in which pregnant Claire Bartel (Annabella Sciorra) - who has just moved to Seattle with husband Michael (Matt McCoy) and(...)

Hand, The (1981)

Oliver Stone directs Michael Caine in this hybrid horror that combines elements of The Beast with Five Fingers and The Hands of Orlac. Caine stars as Jon Lansdale, a successful comic book artist who loses his drawing hand in a grisly car accident. Unable to adjust to life without his hand or his career, Caine's(...)

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