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Kaleidoscope (1966)

Warren Beatty starred in this swingin' 60s affair as Barney Lincoln, an American playboy (no typecasting here) who breaks into a playing card factory and marks the cards so he can win at every casino in Europe. Barney is then blackmailed by the policeman father of his girlfriend to catch a big gambler, who also(...)

Kansas City Bomber (1972)

The highs, lows and pitfalls of being a roller derby queen are put under the spotlight in the defiantly unglamorous sleeper hit that proved Raquel Welch was a lot more than a pretty face. The former Hammer sex symbol is terrific as K. C. Carr, the roller-skating champion, juggling life as a single parent with(...)

Karate Kid Part II, The (1986)

Ralph Macchio and Noriyuki "Pat" Morita recreate the roles that brought them international acclaim in The Karate Kid (1984) when karate student Daniel LaRusso (Macchio) accompanies his wise and whimsical teacher Mr Miyagi (Morita) to his ancestral home in Okinawa. For the boy, it's a journey to an exotic new world - and new clues to his(...)

Karate Kid Part III, The (1989)

After the Karate Kid and his mentor triumph at a prestigious tournament, their arch enemy John Kreese seeks to avenge the defeat of his student. At least the first film was a reasonable mix of sentiment, fisticuffs and pace, all of which was reduced in a dire sequel. Here, in a feeble third outing, the(...)

Karate Kid, The (1984)

Ralph Macchio played Italian kid Daniel Larusso, a weakling adolescent who was forced to leave his friends and school in Newark and move to California when his mother took a new job there in a rocket computer company. Daniel was bullied by a local gang called the Cobras, who worked out in a karate school,(...)

Karate Killers, The (1967)

In this unfunny spy spoof, Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin are dispatched to prevent the formula for turning sea water into gold from falling into the hands of a memorable, but woefully underused rogues' gallery. Man from UNCLE regulars Robert Vaughn, David McCallum and Leo G Carroll cross swords with guest stars Joan Crawford, Telly Savalas,(...)

Keep It Up, Jack! (1973)

Jack is a failing music hall impersonator and quick change artist. When his aunt dies leaving him a brothel, Jack decides to impersonate his aunt to run the business successfully. All goes well until he falls in love with one of the girls. He then decides to sell the brothel and unmask himself. Blonde bombshell(...)

Keep, The (1983)

Keep, The (1983)

In one of the weirdest Second World War movies ever made, a bunch of German soldiers bivouac in an old Romanian castle and get gruesomely decimated by some unseen, supernatural force. A mysterious traveller arrives to do battle with both and to save the innocents caught in-between. By turns chilling, stylish, portentous and just plain(...)

Kelly’s Heroes (1970)

For a whole generation of adolescents, Kelly’s Heroes was the perfect movie: a heist comedy set during World War II with lots of action, jokes and very loud explosions. It’s nominally a vehicle for Clint Eastwood, intended to repeat the success of the same director’s Where Eagles Dare (1968), but he walks through looking slightly(...)

Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)

Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)

  "The popcorn you are eating has been pissed in . . . . film at eleven" The Argon corporation, Dino the impotent gorilla trashing the TV studio, The cinema where movies are screened in "Feel-Around", Catholic High School Girls In Trouble - brilliant social satire, fraught with profound significance. . . and lots and lots of(...)

Kes (1970)

Poor Billy Casper (played to perfection by David Bradley, pictured at right) suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous Yorkshire, but it wasn't all in vain because the bird-loving Barnsley boy created a British film archetype; The put-upon Northern Lad. The hardship is positively heaped upon this poor, frail lad - Bullying brother, negligent mother,(...)

Kickboxer (1989)

A key film in Jean-Claude Van Damme's career, this is the one that first gave an indication that the Muscles from Brussels could escape from straight-to-video hell and into the mainstream. Plotwise, this is nothing special: Van Damme is Kurt Sloane, the brother of an injured kickboxing champion, who enters the ring seeking revenge. However,(...)

Kid Galahad (1962)

Elvis Presley stars as an ex-G.I. who becomes a professional boxer. Walter Gulick (Presley), just back from a stint in the Army, becomes a sparring partner at a fighter's training camp run by Willy Grogan (Gig Young). When Gulick's fast fists and stamina show him to be of championship calibre, Grogan sees Gulick as his(...)

Kids (1995)

Disturbing, dark, low-budget independent film about a day in the life of a group of teens as they travel around New York City skating, drinking, smoking, and deflowering virgins. The story focuses on Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick), a teen who has a goal to take the virginity of as many girls as he can. When one(...)

Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

    They look like clowns, but these aliens aren't Bozos when it comes to killing off a small American town in new and inventive ways . . . When Mike and his girlfriend, Debbie, turn up at the local police station warning that a gang of homicidal alien clowns have arrived in the town(...)

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