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Killer Party (1986)

It's April Fool's Day and the sisters of Sigma Alpha Pi have found the perfect place to throw a party: the abandoned Delta Sigma fraternity house where a guillotined student lost his head two decades ago in a practical joke gone slightly awry. But shortly after the revelry begins, the student body count starts to(...)

Killers From Space (1954)

Dr. Doug Paul Martin Peter Graves Ellen Martin Barbara Bestar Col. Banks James Seay Briggs Steve Pendleton Dr. Curt Kruger Frank Gerstle Deneb/The Tala John Frederick Maj. Clift Shep Menken Sgt. Powers Ron Kennedy Sgt. Bandero Burt Wenland Miss Vincent Ruth Bennett Narrator Mark Scott Director W. Lee Wilder

Killers, The (1964)

Though sometimes unfavourably compared to the 1946 film noir masterpiece of the same name, director Don Siegel's taut, terse adaptation of the Hemingway short story has its own hard-boiled benefits. Siegel retains the flashback device but instead of a shadowy urban jungle, his compelling tale of double-cross and double-dealing is set in sun-kissed California, where(...)

Killing Fields, The (1984)

Filmed in Thailand by producer David (Chariots of Fire) Puttnam and director Roland Joffe, The Killing Fields is a vast and sprawling story about the friendship Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sydney Schanberg developed with his Cambodian guide-interpreter Dith Pran, a man who influenced his life and even saved his neck before almost losing his own. The film begins(...)

Killing of Angel Street, The (1981)

Killing of Angel Street, The (1981)

  Residents of a row of terrace houses in Sydney, Australia, form an Action Group to fight a development company who want to buy the houses and replace them with high-rise blocks. The leader dies under suspicious circumstances, and his daughter takes up the cause. Jessica Elizabeth Alexander Elliot John Hargreaves B.C. Alexander Archdale Riley(...)

Killing of Sister George, The (1968)

Veteran director Robert Aldrich’s intense adaptation of Frank Marcus’ play centres on the troubled relationship and long-time lesbian affair of two women. Lukas Heller’s screenplay is an engrossing study of the grotesque as Beryl Reid’s tour de force in bitchiness and hysteria has a corrosive effect on those around her. The end result is sensitive(...)

Killing Zoe (1993)

Roger Avary co-wrote Pulp Fiction (1994) with Quentin Tarantino, and his debut feature as a director deals with many of the same themes. Eric Stoltz is Zed, a safecracker visiting his old friend Eric (Jean-Hugues Anglade) in Paris who, before you can say Reservoir Dogs, attempts to hold up a bank while high on booze and(...)

Killing, The (1956)

Ex-convict Johnny Clay recruits a gang for what he claims will be his last job: to steal $2 million from a heavily guarded racetrack. This accomplished thriller based on Lionel White's novel Clean Break was Stanley Kubrick's third feature. Sterling Hayden, Marie Windsor and Elisha Cook Jr are among the doomed criminals taking part in(...)

Kindergarten Cop (1990)

This undemanding picture proves that Arnold Schwarzenegger can do comedy, providing he doesn't try too hard. He plays tough Los Angeles cop John Kimble, who is forced to teach toddlers while searching undercover for a crook's ex-wife and son in the hope that her testimony will put him away. Arnie is actually at his best(...)

King and I, The (1956)

King and I, The (1956)

The King and I was another lavish Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, this time based on Anna Leonowens' autobiographical novel Anna and The King of Siam. Originally a Broadway show, the musical tells the story of Anna, a young, recently-widowed mother of one son who comes to 19th-century Siam (now known as Thailand) to tutor the king's many(...)

King Creole (1958)

Based on a Harold Robbins novel (A Stone For Danny Fisher), King Creole casts Elvis Presley as failed student turned New Orleans nightclub singer Danny Fisher - a 19-year-old hustler out to make a fast buck. Danny soon finds his singing talents in demand and sets his sights on the nightclubs of Bourbon Street with the help of ruthless manager(...)

King Kong (1976)

King Kong (1976)

  In a competitive rush to explore every conceivable spot on Earth for hidden sources of oil, the Petrox company has sent an expedition into Micronesia headed by Fred Wilson (Charles Grodin) and scientist Bagley (Rene Auberjonois) to investigate a report of rich underwater oil deposits off fog-shrouded Skull Island. Before leaving port, Wilson's ship picks(...)

King of Comedy, The (1983)

Of all Martin Scorsese's outings with sparring partner Robert DeNiro, this is the strangest. He plays Rupert Pupkin, an aspiring stand-up comic (and seedy creep) who dreams of fronting his own TV show but spends his life hanging around stage doors, collecting autographs, and waiting in Reception. His powerfully complex performance is matched by that(...)

King Of Hearts (1966)

One of the lesser luminaries of the French New Wave, Philippe de Broca scored a cult hit with this atmospheric black comedy set during the First World War. The retreating Germans have booby-trapped a small town. All the inhabitants have been evacuated, all except the occupants of the zoo and the lunatic asylum. Alan Bates(...)

King of Marvin Gardens, The (1972)

The host of a late-night radio chat show becomes embroiled in his younger brother's get-rich-quick schemes in Atlantic City in Jack Nicholson and director Bob Rafelson's follow-up to Five Easy Pieces (1970). Nicholson is the intellectual and withdrawn radio presenter, with Bruce Dern as his brother, a brash aspiring property developer, married to Ellen Burstyn and living in a(...)

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