Movies – 1950s

Abbott and Costello Meet The Keystone Kops (1955)

Two goofy innocents are tricked into buying a bottom-of-the-barrel movie studio. Mack Sennett (father of the Keystone Kops comedies) makes a cameo appearance. Bud Abbott Lou Costello Fred Clark Lynn Bari Mack Sennett Sam Flint Director Charles Lamont

Abbott and Costello Meet The Mummy (1955)

When Abbott and Costello go hunting for lost Egyptian treasures, they get involved with live crooks and a mummy returned from the dead. The comic duo team up with a life-like mummy to search for the jewels from Princess Ara's tomb. But they find themselves heading for trouble when the mummy turns on them. Abbott(...)

Abominable Snowman, The (1957)

  This Hammer production was released in the US as The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas and featured 'token' American actor Forrest Tucker, whose value to the film proved minimal. Peter Cushing, on the other hand, comes across splendidly as the sensitive botanist, Dr John Rollason. The doctor agrees to join an expedition led by Tom Friend(...)

Across The Bridge (1957)

Rod Steiger is Carl Schaffner, a crooked German-born businessman on the run from Scotland Yard and the FBI after embezzling £3 million in company funds. On a train in the USA, he encounters and murders a man called Paul Scarff and acquires his Mexican passport and assumes the man's identity in order to to evade(...)

Admirable Crichton, The (1957)

Lord Loam (Cecil Parker) is a peer of one of England' stately homes who takes his three daughters on a yachting cruise with a few friends and some domestic staff. The group are shipwrecked and marooned on an uncharted desert island and dig themselves in awaiting rescue. The impeccable butler, Crichton (Kenneth More), is obliged(...)

African Queen, The (1951)

Set in German East Africa at the beginning of World War I this magnificent comedy tells the tale of an unlikely romance between Rose Sayer, a prim and priggish missionary (Hepburn) and Charlie Allnut, a booze-soaked mailboat skipper (Bogart) who ferries supplies in his old steamer, the African Queen. The adventure-filled movie has the pair bringing the(...)

Al Capone (1959)

1919, Chicago. A young scarfaced hoodlum joins one of the underworld gangs terrorising the city. Surrounded by corruption and murder, only the most ruthless will survive and rise to the top. This is the story of the man who became a legend. Rod Steiger is ideally cast as the ruthless gangster chieftain in this better-than-average biography.(...)

Alexander The Great (1956)

An epic account of the young prince whose military conquests unified the civilised world in the fourth century BC. Alexander (Richard Burton), son of Philip of Macedonia (Frederic March), is brought up to believe that he is destined for greatness. But his powerful father becomes a major obstacle for a young prince who wants to(...)

Alice In Wonderland (1951)

Alice In Wonderland (1951)

Having acquired the rights to the Tenniel drawings in the 1930s, Walt Disney hoped to star Mary Pickford in the first animated retelling of Alice’s adventures. The prospect of combining live and animated characters proved too daunting, however, and Disney turned to Snow White for his debut feature. Pipped to a live-action hybrid by Dallas(...)

All About Eve (1950)

This biting backstage comedy-drama about a fading actress, played by Bette Davis, brims generously with entertainment values: a witty screenplay, top performances by a marvellous cast, and no-nonsense direction. Davis gives a memorable bitchy performance as Margo Channing, the aging Broadway star who is menaced by her overreaching younger protégé Eve Harrington (played by Anne(...)

All That Heaven Allows (1956)

Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson star in this predictable soap opera about pleasant and wealthy middle-class widow, Cary Scott (Wyman) who marries her gardener, Ron Kirby (Hudson) - But he is 15 years younger than her and she is ostracised by her friends and faces the wrath of her children. Although the film reunites the stars of Magnificent(...)

Amazing Colossal Man, The (1957)

US Army Lieutenant Colonel Glenn Manning (Glenn Langan) is exposed to radiation after a plutonium bomb test and mutates into a giant - who grows ten feet taller per day. He puts on his best nappy and goes on a rampage through cardboard miniatures on the way to Las Vegas, hunted down by his own men. Meanwhile,(...)

An Affair To Remember (1957)

Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr star in this syrupy sob story, which is actually a remake by director Leo McCarey of his own 1939 movie Love Affair (which featured Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne). Grant plays wealthy and debonair bachelor Nickie Ferrante, who romances former nightclub singer Terry McKay (Kerr) aboard an ocean liner. Kerr's singing voice(...)

An American In Paris (1951)

The music of George and Ira Gershwin underscores this Academy Award-winning tale of an artist caught between two women in post-war Paris. Shot almost entirely on the MGM studio lot, it's a vivacious, glittering musical blessed with the amazing choreography of Kelly and a simple romantic plot about ex-soldier Jerry Mulligan (Kelly) who settles in(...)

Anastasia (1956)

A charming drama set in Paris in 1928. After being released from an asylum, an amnesiac young woman (Bergman) declares she is Anastasia Romanov, sole surviving heir of Czar Nicholas II. Bergman's gracious and Academy Award-winning performance heightens the entertainment to grand style. Hayes, as the grand duchess, also makes a magnificent acting contribution as(...)

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