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100 Rifles (1969)

100rifles_005Lawman Lydecker (played by former Cleveland Browns Hall of Famer Jim Brown) and Yaqui Joe (an Indian bank robber played by Burt Reynolds) join forces with a female revolutionary (guess who) to help save Mexican Indians from a despotic governor.

People sweat profusely, say “Hey, gringo”, and generally use up a lot of ammunition.

This below-par western was filmed in Spain and directed by Tom Gries. Based on a novel by Robert Macloud, and featuring an outstanding score from Jerry Goldsmith, the film addressed a number of 60’s era issues, including interracial relationships, which became a major part of the film’s marketing campaign.

Raquel Welch is the glamorous and scantily clad senorita of the piece who gets into bed with Brown, a startling scene for 1969.

Western buffs might recognise Reynolds’s horse: it was once Yul Brynner’s in The Magnificent Seven (1960).

Jim Brown
Raquel Welch
Yaqui Joe
Burt Reynolds
Fernando Lamas
Dan O’Herlihy
Von Klemme
Eric Braeden
Michael Forest

Tom Gries