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Castle, The (1968)

Maximilian Schell plays an anonymous stranger called “K” who arrives at a strange village and claims he is the new land surveyor for a nearby castle. However, K meets one obstacle after another and soon discovers he can not gain access to the castle.


It’s a conflict with bureaucracy all the way as his repeated applications to the castle for residence permission are thwarted time after time, only to be granted after his death.

As K continues trying to gain entrance, we are brought into a sinister world of regiment, isolation and faceless bureaucracy.

Others in Franz Kafka’s story, beautifully filmed in West Germany and Switzerland, and originally titled Das Schloss, are Cordula Trantow and Trudik Daniel.

Iva Janzurová
Trudik Daniel
Cordula Trantow
Maximilian Schell
Martha Wallner
Helmut Qualtinger

Rudolf Noelte