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Kiss Me Stupid (1964)

kissmestupidDean Martin, portraying himself, stranded in Climax, Nevada, is the subject of a plot to have him buy the songs of a service station operator and a piano teacher.

The piano teacher (Ray Walston of My Favorite Martian) is married to Felicia Farr and so jealous when he learns the extent of Dino’s swinging, that he gets rid of her and hires a substitute (Kim Novak as a floozy cocktail waitress).

Walston and Novak are eventually paired and ditto for Miss Farr and Dino.

And the song is sold.

Ray Walston stepped in to replace Peter Sellers, who had completed four and a half weeks of filming before suffering a near-fatal heart attack.

The US National Legion of Decency condemned the movie on its release as unfit for Catholic movie goers and blasted the film industry for laxity in self-censorship.

Dean Martin
Kim Novak
Ray Walston
Felicia Farr
Cliff Osmond
Barbara Pepper

Billy Wilder