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All in a Night’s Work (1960)

Who is the mysterious woman seen running from a swank Palm Beach Hotel, clad only in a bath towel? Is she the second mistress of a New York publishing baron, who is subsequently found deceased in bed? Dean Martin and Shirley MacLaine square off in All In A Night’s Work, a frothy, zany romp directed(…)

All Neat in Black Stockings (1969)

Part bawdy peek-a-boo romp, part kitchen-sink drama, this box-office hit features then-rising star Victor Henry as Ginger, a twenty-year-old window cleaner whose womanising is curtailed when he finds himself falling in love for the first time. Ginger shares most things in life with his friend, Dwyer – including girls. Then, he sees the beautiful Jill (“all(…)

All Night Long (1961)

Set in the London jazz world of the 1960’s, a jealous drummer seeks to destroy his bandleader’s marriage so that he can assume his jazz group’s leadership in this re-telling of Othello. At the centre of it all is jazz singer Delia Lane (Marti Stevens), married to Aurelius Rex (Paul Harris) and desired by Johnny Cousin(…)

All The Fine Young Cannibals (1960)

A bizarre blend of teenage angst movie and Cassavetes-style drama that has Robert Wagner as Chet Baker in all but name. Jazz trumpeter and protegé of dipso Pearl Bailey, he’s also the father of Natalie Wood’s baby – though Wood marries George Hamilton when Wagner jilts her. Having Michael Anderson, the British director who made(…)

Almost Angels (1962)

Almost Angels (1962)

A boy from the wrong side of the tracks wants to join the team, gets hazed by the upper class, but finally wins their respect. Sounds like any number of feel-good sports movies, right? But here’s the catch: the team in question is actually the Vienna Boys Choir. Now raise your hand if you saw(…)

Alphabet Murders, The (1965)

Having met with cinematic success with Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple as played by Margaret Rutherford, MGM turned to another of Christie’s detectives, Hercule Poirot, here incarnated in the unlikely personage of Tony Randall. Poirot stalks a killer who is bumping off victims in alphabetical order. Rutherford makes a guest appearance, but even that fails to(…)

Alphaville (1965)

A cockeyed fusion of science fiction, pulp characters, and surrealist poetry, Jean Luc Godard’s irreverent journey to the mysterious Alphaville remains one of the least conventional films of all time. Eddie Constantine stars as intergalactic hero and secret agent Lemmy Caution, on a mission to kill the inventor of fascist computer Alpha 60. Caution travels(…)

Amazing Transparent Man, The (1960)

A former Army officer forces a scientist to develop an invisibility potion in order to create an army of invisible zombies, but makes the mistake of allowing it to be tested on an ex-convict. Dr Ulof (Ivan Triesault) creates the serum but when he experiments on bank robber Joey Faust (Douglas Kennedy), he unleashes a one-man crime spree.(…)

Ambushers, The (1967)

Another hokey espionage spoof featuring Dean Martin‘s Matt Helm. In The Ambushers, Helm contends with a vat full of beer, a pistol-packed bra and a script that is more interested in all the innuendo and in-jokes than it is in the plot (something about a hijacked spacecraft and kidnapped frigid girl spy Janice Rule). Albert Salmi(…)

Americanization of Emily, The (1964)

Americanization of Emily, The (1964)

US Navy Lieutenant Commander Charlie Madison (James Garner) is a confirmed coward who devotes all his efforts to avoiding combat duty. Madison serves as a “Dog Robber” for Admiral Jessup (Melvyn Douglas), procuring mountains of consumer goodies to throw lavish entertainments in the middle of strict war rationing. Charlie also procures party girls, much to the(…)

Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders, The (1965)

This ambitious attempt to make a female version of Tom Jones (1963) doesn’t quite make it. Kim Novak, who fits awkwardly in the title role, plays a servant girl in 18th-century England who cavorts with rich men and uses her charms to break into high society. There are some bawdy bedroom romps but nothing too exciting. Costumes and(…)

Amorous Prawn, The (1962)

Joan Greenwood plays the general’s wife who converts her husband’s Scottish military headquarters into a hotel in his absence to fleece visiting Americans and raise some cash. Director Anthony Kimmins also wrote the play on which this is based and didn’t  really open it out much for the cinema. As a result, the talents of the(…)

Angry Silence, The (1960)

When he refuses to join an unofficial strike, factory worker Tom Curtis is ostracised by his workmates, and finds enormous strain placed on his wife and young son. Attenborough gives a sterling performance as Curtis, but the acting honours go to Pier Angeli as his distraught wife and Alfred Burke as the devious agent provocateur(…)

Any Wednesday (1966)

Slick business tycoon John Cleves (Jason Robards) is a normal, well-behaved husband and father . . . on every day of the week except Wednesday. On any Wednesday, he can be found cuddling up with Ellen Gordon (Jane Fonda) in what she calls “her apartment” and what tax-conscious John calls his company’s executive suite. It’s(…)

Apartment, The (1960)

Winner of five Academy Awards in 1960 including Best Film, The Apartment is legendary writer/director Billy Wilder at his scathing, satirical best. Insurance Clerk C. C. ‘Bud’ Baxter (Jack Lemmon) has found the ideal way to gain the attention and approval of his bosses is to allow them to use his apartment as a perfect hideaway for their(…)

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