Movies – 1960s

Battle of the Bulge (1965)

This truly spectacular war epic is almost on a par with Patton (1970), though its original widescreen impact is sorely diminished when shown on TV. Based on the last German offensive in mid-December 1944, when thousands of Hitler’s new King Tiger tanks smashed their way through the snowy pine forests of the Ardennes, it’s a study(…)

Beach Ball (1965)

“Those surf ridin’, skin divin’, sky jumpin’, drag racin’, beach bashin’ boys and their bikini beauties . . . in a blast of a beach brawl!” Dick Martin (Edd Byrnes), manager of the college rock and roll group, The Wigglers (Bango, Jack and Bob), is notified by music store owner Mr Wolf (James Wellman) that the(…)

Beach Blanket Bingo (1965)

“The Beach Party gang goes sky diving” When a biker gang kidnaps a singing star called Sugar Kane (Linda Evans), Frankie (Frankie Avalon) sets out to rescue her, provoking the jealousy of Dee Dee (Annette Funicello).   Buster Keaton pays the rent with a walk-on cameo. Released in the UK as Malibu Beach. Frankie Frankie Avalon(…)

Beach Movies

The rise of Surf Music in the early 60s, coupled with the general surfing craze that was sweeping the USA, inevitably began to spawn movies, with Beach Party (1963) starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello doing particularly well. Four more films followed in quick succession, utilising the same stars, crew and concept:  Muscle Beach Party (1964), Bikini Beach (1964), Beach(…)

Beach Party (1963)

“It’s what happens when 10,000 kids meet on 5,000 Beach Blankets!” An anthropologist studying the sex habits of young people finds himself in the middle of a pie-throwing brawl. The first and most famous of the Beach Movies is something of a curiosity for the inclusion of Dick Dale and the Del-Tones who sang the title(…)

Beat Girl (1960)

Exploitive censor-baiting beatnik drama that attempts to mix the beat generation of the late Fifties with a juvenile-delinquency storyline. Stars the lovely Gillian Hills – also seen in Blow Up (1966) – as Jennifer, a rebellious teenager who is jealous of her gorgeous new French stepmother, Nichole. When Nichole shows up at the Off-Beat cafe (Jennifer’s favourite(…)

Beatniks, The (1960)

Eddie Crane (Tony Travis), a young gang leader, is given the chance of a TV singing career. But a vicious killer in the gang thinks otherwise and star ambitions have to be sacrificed to deal with him. This was the first and only directorial effort from famous voice actor Paul Frees Eddie Crane Tony Travis(…)

Because They’re Young (1960)

The theme tune of this movie is simply magnificent, played by twangy-guitar ace Duane Eddy, and it rightly outlived this little Columbia teenage angst flick. A cameo was written into the film for Eddy, but he’s most prominent miming the melody of this otherwise string-drenched tune solely on the bass strings of his guitar in(…)

Bed Sitting Room, The (1969)

The adapted play by Spike Milligan and John Antrobus serves as an ideal springboard for this offbeat anti-war film by Richard Lester which, miraculously, manages to convey its grim message with surreal humour. The episodic sketches offer glimpses and comments of the 20-odd holocaust survivors of a London shredded by a World War III A-bomb(…)

Bedazzled (1967)

The legend of Faust provided the inspiration for this charming fantasy about Stanley Moon, a short-order cook (Dudley Moore) who is prevented from killing himself for love of Margaret the waitress (Eleanor Bron) by the Devil, in the form of a Mr Spiggott (Peter Cook), and given seven wishes in return for his soul. Should(…)

Bedtime Story (1964)

Marlon Brando and David Niven play two rival con men on the French Riviera who try to trick TV soap star Shirley Jones out of her riches. They make for an unlikely double act but the results are absolutely hilarious. Besides Niven’s irresistible debonair charm, we have Brando’s extraordinary catalogue of accents and disguises, notably(…)

Bellboy, The (1960)

Stanley (Jerry Lewis) is just one of an army of bellboys at a luxury hotel in Miami. But, unlike the others, he always seems to end up causing trouble. After 17 films with partner Dean Martin, and a further seven solo, Jerry Lewis persuaded Paramount to let him take on the directorial duties for the(…)

Belle De Jour (1967)

Séverine Serizy is a young, breathtakingly beautiful Paris housewife who has masochistic daydream fantasies about elaborate floggings and bondage. She is married to a doctor (Jean Sorel) and loves him, but cannot share physical intimacy with him. A male friend mentions a high-class brothel (run by Madame Anaïs, played by Geneviève Page) to Séverine, and(…)

Big Bounce, The (1969)

Ryan O’Neal makes his big screen debut as Jack Ryan, a Vietnam veteran and ex-con who loses his job as a cucumber picker on a California produce farm run by mean-spirited camp manager Bob Rodgers (Robert Webber). Ryan then meets and teams up with the seductive Nancy Barker (O’Neal’s then wife Leigh Taylor-Young), the secretary(…)

Big Cube, The (1969)

A former actress clashes with her wealthy and spoiled stepdaughter over their inheritance after the death of their protector. A sad coda to the great Lana Turner’s career, three years after her last glamorous Ross Hunter/Universal production, Madame X. Co-stars George Chakiris, Richard Egan and Dan O’Herlihy – all well past their prime – lend(…)

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