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A Shot In The Dark (1964)

ashotinthedark_201The success of The Pink Panther  (1963) created a new comic favourite in the accident-prone form of Peter Sellers’ Inspector Clouseau, so a sequel was inevitable.

But this is where the Clouseau character was properly invented, along with his driven-to-distraction boss, Dreyfus.

Clouseau lurches towards the solution of a murder mystery adapted from plays by Harry Kurnitz and Marcel Achard, and by trying to clear saucy chambermaid Elke Sommer of the crime, leaves a trail of additional bodies in his wake – before finding that all is revealed in a  nudist camp.

“Give me ten men like Clouseau and I could destroy the world,” blurts his bewildered boss Herbert Lom.

A Shot In The Dark still stands up better than Austin Powers (1997) – and doesn’t require constant winks to camera to work.

Inspector Jacques Clouseau
Peter Sellers
Maria Gambrelli
Elke Sommer
Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus
Herbert Lom
Burt Kwouk
Benjamin Ballon
George Sanders
Dominique Ballon
Tracy Reed
Hercule Lajoy
Graham Stark
André Maranne
Henri Lafarge
Douglas Wilmer
Madame Lafarge
Vanda Godsell
Maurice Kaufman
Ann Lynn
David Lodge
Moira Redmond
Martin Benson
Bryan Forbes

Blake Edwards