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A Taste Of Honey (1961)


Mousey Rita Tushingham made her screen debut in this ground-breaking movie (a romance of sorts, and a comedy also), playing Jo – the unwanted 17-year-old daughter of Dora Bryan.

Thoney_4ahis hilariously vulgar Salford lass is being courted by flash and pimpish Robert Stephens, and is saved from her living hell by two social exiles – Jimmy, a black sailor who makes her pregnant, and Geoffrey, a homosexual co-worker who makes her happy – until the poverty trap snaps shut around her.

As brief as Jo and Jimmy’s interracial relationship may have been, its onscreen depiction was progressive for the time, as was the representation of Jo’s close friendship with Geoffrey.

Set in dank bed sits amid the grimy smokestacks, polluted canals and the tacky prom at Blackpool, this movie (based on Shelagh Delaney’s play) is a priceless though stark reminder of England and English attitudes in the early 60s.

tasteofhoney_021When Salford-born Delaney put pen to paper to write her first play, which she completed in just ten days, little could she have imagined both the impact it would have on theatre audiences and the lasting influence the big screen adaptation would have on British cinema as a significant contributor to the British New Wave.

Rita Tushingham
Dora Bryan
Murray Melvin
Robert Stephens
Paul Danquah
David Boliver
Moira Kaye
Veronica Howard

Tony Richardson