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War of the Planets (1965)

warofplanets_003An informal prequel to The Wild, Wild Planet, and shot back-to-back with it using virtually the same cast, director Antonio Margheriti’s alien invasion saga isn’t in the same entertaining league despite some smart flourishes and cool visual delights.

Martians – named the Diaphanois and composed mainly of light – attack Earth through its satellite defence system by taking over humans in watered-down Body Snatchers-style.

Cmdr. Mike Halstead
Tony Russel
Lt. Connie Gomez
Lisa Gastoni
Lt. Jake Jacowitz
Franco Nero
Carlo Giustini
Enzo Fiermonte
Lt. Fina Marlie
Linda Sini
Capt. Tice
Frank Lantier
Gen. Paul Maitland
Umberto Raho
Goffredo Unger
Vittorio Bonos

Antonio Margheriti