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Young Savages, The (1960)

Shot on the streets of Harlem, Frankenheimer’s juvenile delinquency movie has Burt Lancaster’s DA Hank Bell caught between two street gangs while seeking justice for a blind Puerto Rican kid murdered by Italian punks.

Features Puerto Rican gang members dressed like The Specials restyled by The Cramps, and the delightful cynicism of Telly Savalas.

The gang fight scenes, acting and camera work are brilliant, although the plot is questionable.

Hank Bell
Burt Lancaster
Karin Bell
Dina Merrill
R. Daniel Cole
Edward Andrews
Mrs Escalante
Vivian Nathan
Mary diPace
Shelley Winters
Larry Gates
Detective Lt. Gunderson
Telly Savalas
Louisa Escalante
Pilar Seurat
Angela Rugiello
Jody Fair
Jenny Bell
Roberta Shore
Dr Walsh
Milton Selzer
Robert Burton
David J. Stewart
Danny diPace
Stanley Kristien
Arthur Reardon
John Davis Chandler

John Frankenheimer