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A Bridge Too Far (1977)

It seems as if an entire regiment of movie notables appears in this $26 million epic based on Cornelius Ryan’s bestseller about a disastrous Allied offensive during World War II.

‘Operation Market Garden’ was the codename of this allied operation towards the end of the war that all went horribly wrong, with bad weather conditions and the troops running into a Panzer division resting in Arnhem that wasn’t supposed to be there.

Unfortunately, Richard Attenborough’s epic retelling of one of the Second World War’s biggest debacles is just another massive war movie mired in noise and confusion.


Hardly any of the big American or British stars are on screen long enough to establish audience involvement, and at an almost three-hour length, A Bridge Too Far is a movie too long.

Lt. Gen. Frederick Browning
Dirk Bogarde
Sgt. Eddie Dohun

James Caan
Lt. Col. Joe Vandeleur

Michael Caine
Maj. Gen. Robert Urquhart

Sean Connery
Lt. Gen. Brian Horrocks

Edward Fox
Col. Bobby Stout

Elliott Gould
Maj. Gen. Stanislaw 
Gene Hackman
Lt. Col. John Frost

Anthony Hopkins
Gen. Ludwig

Hardy Kruger
Dr Spaander

Laurence Olivier
Maj. Julian Cook

Robert Redford
Brig. Gen. James Gavin

Ryan O’Neal
Lt. Gen. Wilhelm Bittrich

Maximilian Schell
Maj. Harry Carlyle
Christopher Good

Richard Attenborough