Cleopatra Jones (1973)

"She's 6 feet 2" of Dynamite and the Hottest Super Agent Ever!"

cleopatrajonesAfter napalming opium fields in Turkey, six-foot-two-tall karate-trained government agent Cleopatra Jones (Tamara Dobson) returns to Los Angeles to confront Mommy (Shelley Winters), the lesbian queen of the drug underworld.

Jack Starrett handles the action well, though clumsy martial arts and comic-book theatrics conspire against his vigorous direction.

Yet the meld of funky exuberance, urban angst (Jones's boyfriend runs a halfway house for cleopatrajones_602junkies) and camp performances (with leather-jacketed Winters giving new meaning to the phrase "over-acting") make this blaxploitation landmark a heady, badass cocktail.

Cleopatra Jones
Tamara Dobson
Bernie Casey
Brenda Sykes
Antonio Fargas
Officer Purdy
Bill McKinney
Detective Crawford
Dan Frazer
Sergeant Kert
Stafford Morgan
Michael Warren
Shelley Winters

Jack Starrett