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FM (1978)

QSKY is the number one radio station in Los Angeles mainly because of the music they play and running the station the way they want to.


The radio personalities include Jeff Dugan (Michael Brandon), the rebellious head of the radio station, Mother (Eileen Brennan), who is burned out from being a DJ, Eric Swan (Martin Mull), a self-centered romantic who wants more out of life, The Prince of Darkness (Cleavon Little), the hip night DJ, and Laura Coe (Cassie Yates), the easy-going type.

The movie focuses on the battle between Jeff and his corporate bosses who want more advertising and less music on QSKY.

Jeff leads a strike against the owner of the station rather than air army-recruiting commercials, which he deems offensive.

The strike ultimately ends with the nasty station owner seeing the error of his ways and re-hiring everyone. In the entire history of capitalism, nothing like this has ever happened!

Jeff Dugan
Michael Brandon
Eileen Brennan
Doc Holiday
Alex Karras
Cleavon Little
Eric Swan
Martin Mull
Laura Coe
Cassie Yates
Carl Billings
Norman Lloyd
Bobby Douglas
Jay Fenichel
Lt. Reach
James Keach
Albert Driscoll
Joe Smith
Regis Lamar
Tom Tarpey
Janet Brandt
Mary Torrey
Shari Smith
Roberta Wallach
Michael J. Carlyle
Terry Jastrow
Cissy Wellman
Jack Rapp
Robert Patten
Dolores Deluxe
Brenda Venus
Johnny Fury
Peter Fox
Izzy Segal
Bo Kaprall
Linda Ronstadt
Jimmy Buffett
Tom Petty

John A. Alonzo