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Hey! There’s Naked Bodies on My TV! (1979)

This episodic movie spoofs TV shows from the 1970s, in three separate segments called ‘Happy Daze’ (Happy Days), ‘Don’t Come Back Kotler’ (Welcome Back, Kotter) and ‘Bernie Milner’ (Barney Miller).

This film is a mess although each segment has a few redeeming qualities.

‘Happy Daze’ features a character called The Bonz (a spoof of Fonzie), helping his three dense friends lose their virginity.

In ‘Don’t Come Back Kotler’ – the funniest of the three segments – the teacher gives the class a sex education lesson.

‘Bernie Milner’ is a pure stinker, saved only by the lovely assets of Candy Samples as the Mayor’s wife.

Norman Fields
Linda Gildersleeve
Tyler Reynolds
Mariwin Roberts
Candy Samples

Mack Campbell