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Juggernaut (1974)

juggernaut_002Disaster movies were a big attraction in the Seventies. In this one, a bomb squad expert (Richard Harris) must defuse a bomb onboard a cruise ship.

Despite a somewhat tired story, the movie is unusually suspenseful, thanks to an all-star cast that keep the pace ticking along well. From the “Beatles director”, Dick Lester.

juggernaut7 juggernaut8

Lt. Cmdr. Anthony Fallon
Richard Harris
Captain Alex Brunel
Omar Sharif
Charlie Braddock
David Hemmings
Supt. John McLeod
Anthony Hopkins
Barbara Bannister
Shirley Knight
Nicholas Porter
Ian Holm
Clifton James
Social Director Curtain
Roy Kinnear
Susan McLeod
Caroline Mortimer
Mark Burns
John Stride
Sidney Buckland
Freddie Jones
Commander Marder
Julian Glover
Chief Engineer Mallicent
Jack Watson
Roshan Seth

Richard Lester