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Landlord, The (1970)

An upwardly mobile businessman buys a run-down apartment block, intending to demolish it and redevelop the site. But news of the tenants’ predicaments causes him to have a change of heart.

Former editor Hal Ashby – an Oscar winner for In the Heat of the Night (1967) – made a terrific debut as director with this comedy drama, featuring a superb Beau Bridges as the wealthy scion who learns about humanity and the African-American experience in honky New York from his tenants.

Pearl Bailey and Diana Sands shine, and there’s good work too from Robert Klein and Lee Grant.

Fans of Ashby’s subsequent cult classic Harold and Maude (1971) should check this out, as there is a lot to enjoy. He went on to direct such notable pictures as The Last Detail (1973), Shampoo (1975) and Being There (1979).

Elgar Enders
Beau Bridges
Pearl Bailey
Marki Bey
Diana Sands
Louis Gossett Jr
Walter Gee
Douglas Grant
Professor Duboise
Melvin Stewart
Mrs Enders
Lee Grant
Mr Enders
Walter Brooke
Susan Anspach
Robert Klein

Hal Ashby