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Nashville (1975)

With songs galore throughout the whole film, we are thrown headfirst into America’s country music capital, whilst witnessing the machinations of the presidential candidate elections.

nashville_001Comebacks, showdowns, backstabbing and heartbreak are all par for the course in this all-singing, all-dancing epic that was actually shot on location in Nashville, inevitably bringing a strong sense of realism to the docu-style piece.

Robert Altman is the archetypal large-cast director and he seems to relish the task of introducing as many characters as the plot can physically handle, then giving them all the space to develop, rather than having most of them blend into the backdrop as little more than extras.

With a title that is as much statement as insight, Nashville is an anomalous mix of music and politics; potentially strange bedfellows but ones that produce an exceptional film at the hands of this master craftsman.

The storylines interweave naturally but the separate strands and relationships between them are too intricate to even begin to analyse.

Needless to say, everything comes together to form a toe-tapping story of great magnitude, where the characters are larger than life and dish up a real slice of America.

David Arkin
Barbara Baxley
Ned Beatty
Karen Black
Ronee Blakley
Timothy Brown

Robert Altman