Movies – 1970s

American Graffiti (1973)

Four California teenagers get a final, nostalgic glimpse of innocence before facing college and life in general in 1962 in this spot-on portrait of American youth culture shown through the experiences of some high school seniors. On the eve of leaving for college or military service, the quartet spend a memorable night of chasing girls,(…)

American Hot Wax (1978)

“This is Alan Freed  . . . and this is rock’n’roll.” With these words the young hearts of New York beat fast as the celebrated radio disc jockey unleashes the popular sounds of the late 1950s. This biographical drama tells the story of Freed- the man credited with introducing white American teenagers to the sounds that their(…)

Americathon (1979)

  Despite a talented, eclectic cast and an inspired premise – the United States is now so poor it has to stage a telethon to bail itself out – this has to go down as a major disappointment. Set in the near-future (at the time) of 1998, the new alliance of Israel and the Arabs(…)

Amityville Horror, The (1979)

The Amityville Horror is of course not the only horror film to inspire a collection of truly terrible sequels (eight in total), but it’s easy to forget just how effective the first one was. Released three years before Poltergeist (1982) and a year before The Shining (1980), this movie foreshadowed both. Based on supposedly true events, this psychological haunted house(…)

And Justice For All (1979)

A scruffy and idealistic lawyer (Pacino) fights corruption and favouritism in the American judicial system during a controversial rape case. Tangling with a tyrannical judge (John Forsythe), Pacino generates much power in a fascinating and compelling movie, featuring unforgettable performances and Norman Jewison’s well-paced direction. First seen in prison where he’s serving time for contempt,(…)

And Now For Something Completely Different (1971)

The stars of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Britain’s latter-day version of the Marx Brothers, present a series of rip-roaring, rib-tickling sketches drawn from their television show. This first movie from the Python team was intended to introduce the team’s humour to an American audience. Funny walks and dead parrots are among the items in this compilation(…)

And Soon The Darkness (1970)

A cycling holiday in France turns into a nightmare for Jane and Cathy – two young nurses – after a chance meeting with an attractive stranger. One would have thought that writers Brian Clemens – who made his name on series such as Danger Man and The Avengers – and Terry Nation – the doyen(…)

Andromeda Strain, The (1971)

Penned by science thriller guru Michael Crichton – a former doctor himself – there’s no glossing over technical detail in 1971’s The Andromeda Strain. At times, it actually seems as if the laboratory set and the gadgetry therein grab more spotlight than the actors themselves. Director Robert Wise had helped build mainstream sci-fi film with 1951’s The(…)

Andy Warhol’s Dracula (1974)

This is Andy Warhol’s version of Dracula. The count needs some virgin (pronounced weer-gin) blood to survive, and apparently Romania is fresh out of virgins so he and his helper travel to Italy. Italy is apparently a haven for virgins – “The Italians need them for their wedding ceremonies.” Posing as a man searching for(…)

Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein (1973)

In Andy Warhol‘s gory adaptation of the Mary Shelley classic, Baron Frankenstein (Udo Kier with a strong German accent) is working – with his henchman, Otto – to create the perfect man and woman. He plans to mate them, in order to get the perfect children he desires. He already has two kids with his wife,(…)

Angel Unchained (1970)

Don Stroud plays Angel, a biker who tires of gang life and decides to quit it all. He turns up in a small prejudiced town where he helps Lew Askew and his commune fight off the local townspeople who can not stand the commune. Things get so bad that Stroud has to ask his old(…)

Angels Hard as They Come (1971)

Scott Glenn plays Long John, a biker who gets invited with fellow members of The Angels bike gang, Juicer (Don Carrera) and Monk (James Inglehart), to a ghost town where The Dragons motorcycle gang are partying with some local hippies. Unfortunately, a girl is murdered and Long John and his Angels pals are accused by the(…)

Animal House (1978)

Animal House (1978)

Rude and crude, rough and ready, sometimes revolting but essentially innocent in a raunchy undergraduate kind of way – This was the original frat house comedy. Animal House was a riot of raunchy silliness set in a small college in 1962, with the film following the bawdy style of the famed college humour magazine, National Lampoon. Incoming(…)

Annie Hall (1977)

Woody Allen sub-titled Annie Hall “A Nervous Romance”, and it is certainly that. It’s a very touching, sweet and funny exploration of male/female relationships based on the real life romance of Allen and Diane Keaton (whose real name is Hall and whose nickname is ‘Annie’), which had ended by the time the movie was made. Allen essentially(…)

Apocalypse Now (1979)

Speaking in retrospect about his 1979 film, director Francis Ford Coppola once said, “Apocalypse Now is not about Vietnam, it is Vietnam.” Coppola was referring to the immense difficulty and hardship he experienced in making the film, but his words are true in another sense as well. Apocalypse Now is not an accurate film – it does not depict any actual events(…)