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Tales from the Crypt (1972)

While touring some catacombs five people lose the rest of their party and are ushered into a cavernous vault by a cowled figure who reveals what the future may have in store for each of them.

In the opening vignette, it is Christmas Eve and Joan Collins has just embedded a fire iron in her husband’s head as her daughter sleeps upstairs.

A radio announcement that there’s an escaped lunatic in the area dressed as Santa Claus could provide her with the perfect alibi, as long as he doesn’t make it into the house before the police arrive.

In other stories, a man, killed in a car crash after having left his wife for his mistress, returns from the dead a year later as a zombie; an old man is driven to suicide but rises from the dead on the anniversary of his death; the insensitive supervisor of a home for the blind is taught a lesson by the inmates, and a couple facing bankruptcy are granted three wishes.

The Crypt Keeper
Ralph Richardson
Geoffrey Bayldon
Joanne Clayton
Joan Collins
Richard Clayton
Martin Boddey
Carol Clayton
Chloe Franks
Oliver Macgreevy
Carl Maitland
Ian Hendry
Carls’ wife
Susan Denny
Angela Grant
Maitland’s son
Paul Clere
Maitland’s daughter
Sharon Clere
Frank Forsyth
Arthur Grimsdyke
Peter Cushing
James Elliot
Robin Phillips
Edward Elliot
David Markham
Mr Baker
Robert Hutton
Detective Ramsay
Edward Evans
Mrs Phelps
Irene Gawne
Mrs Davies
Kay Adrian
Mrs Carter
Ann Sears
Mrs Carter’s daughter
Melinda Clancy
Mrs Phelps’ son
Stafford Medhurst
Mrs Davies’ son
Carlos Baker
Ralph Jason
Richard Greene
Roy Dotrice
Enid Jason
Barbara Murray
Major William Rogers
Nigel Patrick
Patrick Magee

Freddie Francis