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Wanderers, The (1979)

wanderers_003Two rival teenage gangs fight for supremacy in 1960s New York, but the leader of one group faces moving into the adult world of organised crime, under his mobster father.

An early film from Philip Kaufman who went on to direct the likes of The Right Stuff (1983) and The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988).

Though less lauded than the broadly similar American Graffiti (1973), and more variable in its tone and quality (it’s a bit episodic), this tale of the high-school life of a bunch of Italian-American kids in New York’s Bronx in the early 1960s remains thoroughly entertaining.

Indeed, in some quarters it has become something of a retro cult fave.

Of its stars (Ken Wahl, Karen Allen, John Friedrich), only Allen really went on to bigger if not necessarily better things, playing the love interest in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and Starman.

Ken Wahl
John Friedrich
Karen Allen
Despie Galasso
Toni Kalem
Alan Rosenberg
Jim Youngs
Tony Ganios
Linda Manz

Philip Kaufman