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2010 (1984)

2010posterDazzling special effects and fancy space hardware dominate this follow-up to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Yet, there’s no feeling of awe, mystery or imagination as a joint American and Russian space crew try to find out what went wrong with the spacecraft Discovery lost in space some nine years ago.

This high-tech misfire winds down with many loose ends dangling and a lot of double talk about peace among the superpowers.

Heywood Floyd
Roy Scheider
Walter Curnow

John Lithgow
Tanya Kirbuk

Helen Mirren
R Chandra

Bob Balaban
Dave Bowman

Keir Dullea
HAL 9000

Douglas Rain
Caroline Floyd

Madolyn Smith
Dimitri Moisevitch

Dana Elcar
Christopher Floyd

Taliesin Jaffe
Victor Milson

James McEachin

Peter Hyams