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Fanny Hill (1983)

Although considerably classier than Russ Meyer’s 1964 version, this is still a disappointingly bawdy dramatisation of John Cleland’s 1749 erotic classic.

Director Gerry O’Hara sets out to titillate rather than explore the sordid events behind the transformation of Fanny Hill (Lisa Raines) from a comely country girl into a practised woman of pleasure.

Moreover, this rambunctious approach leaves the admirably willing Oliver Reed and Shelley Winters little option but to go for pantomimic caricature as the shady lawyer and slovenly madam respectively.

Raines tries hard to conjure up a performance to match her physique, but her shortcomings are as apparent as her charms.

Released in some markets as Sex, Lies and Renaissance.

Fanny Hill
Lisa Raines (Foster)
Oliver Reed
Mr Barville
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Mrs Cole
Shelley Winters
Alfred Marks
Barry Stokes
Mrs Brown
Paddie O’Neil
Maria Harper

Gerry O’Hara