Movies – 1980s

An American Tail (1986)

Seeking to dethrone Disney as the king of animated features, a young mouse named Fievel roared into cinemas in 1986’s An American Tail. Former Disney animator Don Bluth directed and Steven Spielberg produced this heart-warming tale of an immigrant family of mice sailing into New York near the turn of the century. Fievel Mousekewitz and family,(…)

Android (1982)

In an isolated space station in the year 2036, Max 404 – an almost-human robot – learns that he is to be shut down by scientist Dr Daniel (Klaus Kinski) who is about to finish his new robot, a beautiful blonde that will replace Max. Three escaped convicts invade the station with the plan to return(…)

Angel Heart (1987)

The hardboiled 1940s private-eye movie tradition goes south in director Alan Parker’s outlandish thriller, slipping its metropolitan moorings amid a world of sin, superstition and voodoo. It’s 1955 and Mickey Rourke is New York private dick Harry Angel, the seediest of gumshoes, whose commission from the mysterious Louis Cyphre (a long-fingernailed Robert De Niro) takes(…)

Annie (1982)

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, it’s only a day away!” Famed cartoon strip character, star of radio and Broadway, Little Orphan Annie came to the big screen with an adaptation of the musical Annie. The eternally sunshiney and incurably mischievous girl had been in movies as early as 1918, and her 1930’s – 40’s radio(…)

Another Country (1984)

Not every schoolboy at Eton becomes a Russian spy like Guy Burgess. Why, then, did this celebrated defector turn against his crown and country to seal himself from everything he knew and live the rest of his life in exile? Another Country, the probing, disturbing film by Julian Mitchell adapted for the screen from his(…)

Any Which Way You Can (1980)

This sequel to Every Which Way But Loose (1979) typifies the kind of lightweight, disposable comic vehicles that paid Clint Eastwood’s rent in the late 1970s and early 80s. Short on plot but tall on slapstick humour, and once more featuring real-life girlfriend Sondra Locke as his love interest, Lynn, and the always likeable Geoffrey Lewis(…)

Apartment Zero (1988)

A serial killer is loose in Buenos Aires – could he be the mysterious tenant who comes to share Adrian’s apartment? Look away, all those who prefer their Colin Firth wrapped in the soaked shirt guise of Mr Darcy, for you aren’t going to like what you see here. Adrian LeDuc (Firth) is the frustrated manager of(…)

Apology (1986)

An above-average made-for-cable chiller that makes some telling points about the nature of voyeurism. Lesley Ann Warren plays an avant-garde artist in search of inspiration who starts a confession line, where people are asked to phone through anonymous details of their misdemeanours which she records on her answerphone. However, it backfires when she finds herself(…)

Armed and Dangerous (1986)

When an ex-cop and an inept lawyer join forces as security guards, they don’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of LA’s bad guys especially as they are frequently unable to tell the crooks from the cops. John Candy and Eugene Levy cause chaos at a private security company and come up against cartoonish gangster(…)

Arthur (1981)

Arthur is a weak, spineless, noisy little creep, who also happens to be a midget, a millionaire, and an alcoholic, and who cannot be trusted to cross the street without the aid of his butler/babysitter/best friend, Hobson. The only hope for Arthur, his family insists, is to marry a rich girl and go to work(…)

Arthur 2 : On the Rocks (1988)

The perpetually intoxicated millionaire must find work after losing his fortune to his ex-fiancée’s vengeful father. This sequel is no match for the effervescent 1981 romantic comedy about the tipsy millionaire playboy. This time, Arthur (Dudley Moore) has lost his fabulous inheritance and must now seek work. But this set-up only leads to boring situations(…)

At Close Range (1986)

A father, involved in murder and other vile activities, introduces his sons to a life of crime. This peculiar movie, based on an actual family situation, often drifts out of control with overwhelming production features and heavy-handed violence. Walken is the personification of paternal evil, who, as a murderous thug named simply Brad Snr., heads(…)

Atlantic City (1980)

A sweet and flaky movie about an assortment of down-and-outs. Lou (Burt Lancaster) is an ageing gangster who’s scratching out a living doing some small-time numbers running while the big casinos move in and take even that little money away. Sally (Susan Sarandon) Sally (Susan Sarandon) is an oyster bar waitress who works in the(…)

Au Revoir les Enfants (1987)

This Second World War drama was based on French director Louis Malle’s own childhood experiences. In Nazi-occupied France a 12-year-old boy is sent to a strict Carmelite convent school. Here he wonders why a newcomer is treated so differently – bullied by other boys, shielded by teachers. The arrival of the Gestapo shows why – the boy(…)

Author! Author! (1982)

An ill-cast but effective Al Pacino is having a host of domestic troubles as playwright Ivan Travalian. His wife has left him for a guy called Larry Kotzwinkle, and there are five kids to support. Add to that the fact that his latest play is about to open on Broadway but it’s not ready, the(…)