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Teen Wolf (1985)

In this likeable, if lightweight, comedy, a teenager who longs to be a little less ordinary discovers a family curse that kicks in when the Moon is full.


Beneath the facial fur, this is just another film about growing pains, although it does feature cinema’s only werewolf slam-dunk sports sequence.

As the unfortunate teenager, the ever-engaging Michael J Fox is doing what he does best – turning a loser into a winner.

Teen Wolf was filmed during late 1984 during a break on Family Ties production.

It cost less than $1 million to produce and was filmed in a matter of weeks.

Jason Bateman took over in the needless sequel Teen Wolf Too (1987) after Back to the Future (1985) shot Fox to superstardom.

Scott Howard
Michael J Fox
Harold Howard
James Hampton
Lisa “Boof” Marconi
Susan Ursitti
Jerry Levine
Matt Adler
Lorie Griffin
Mr Thorne
James MacKrell
Mick McAllister
Mark Arnold
Coach Finstock
Jay Tarses

Rod Daniel