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True Stories (1986)

Not so much a movie as a feature-length rock video held together by a kooky storyline, with former Talking Heads main man David Byrne strolling through the eccentric lives of the common, but secretly colourful, folk of the fictional community of Virgil, Texas as they prepare for their annual “Celebration of Specialness”.

Alternately intriguing and condescending, Byrne’s ironic detachment ultimately wears out its welcome, though the soundtrack, as you would expect, is consistently entertaining.

The members of the brilliant ensemble cast including John Goodman, Spalding Gray and Swoosie Kurtz give heart to a group of characters inspired by tabloid newspaper and magazine stories.

Based on Byrne’s collection of human interest pieces from tabloids

David Byrne
Louis Fyne
John Goodman
Miss Rollings, the laziest woman in the world
Swoosie Kurtz
Earl Culver
Spalding Gray
Cute woman
Alix Elias
Kay Culver
Annie McEnroe
Mr Tucker
Roebuck “Pops” Staples
Tito Larriva

David Byrne