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Pacific Heights (1990)

Pacific Heights is another movie about yuppies in danger. This time, it’s Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffith as a couple who purchase and restore a Victorian house in San Francisco, then rent the downstairs apartment to pay the bills.

The new tenant is Michael Keaton, a psycho who never pays rent or security, refuses to leave, and turns his landlords’ lives into a living hell.

There are some genuinely scary and suspenseful sequences, thanks to the irony and polish of John Schlesinger’s direction, but the real horror here is the insane laws protecting the rights of tenants, even when they are homicidal maniacs.

Matthew Modine
Melanie Griffith
Michael Keaton
Dorian Harewood
Carl Lumbley
Tippi Hedren
Nobu McCarthy

John Schlesinger