Movies – 1990s

Wayne’s World (1992)

Bill and Ted introduced the concept of dudes to an unwitting audience in 1989, but it was this spin-off from the TV show Saturday Night Live that brought in the megabucks and took “teen speak” to a new level. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey play Wayne and Garth, whose low-budget public access cable show is(…)

Wedding Singer, The (1998)

Adam Sandler is pitch-perfect in his role here as hopelessly romantic cabaret wedding singer Robbie Hart, who falls in love with waitress Julia (Drew Barrymore) at a nuptial function only to discover that she’s engaged to someone else. The chemistry between the two stars works like a charm and director Frank Coraci has enormous fun(…)

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993)

This eccentric, charming film by Lasse (My Life as a Dog, 1985) Hallström was one of the freshest and most original movies of 1993. Mr. Depp (something of a professional weirdo) gave his most understated performance to date in the title role, playing the reluctant breadwinner in a dysfunctional family in Endora, Iowa – a(…)

Wild At Heart (1990)

Nicolas Cage as wild, snakeskin-jacketed Sailor Ripley, with an Elvis Presley voice, and Laura Dern as the uninhibited Southern sex bunny Lula Pace Fortune, create mayhem as they take their own Yellow Brick Road to happiness. This unlikely tribute to The Wizard of Oz created shock waves because of its provocative sexiness and the bizarre and amoral(…)

Wild Orchid (1990)

Ghastly piece of soft-core porn from Zalman King, the trashmaster behind the Red Shoe Diaries series.   Impotent, vicious and afraid of being touched, James Wheeler (Mickey Rourke) enjoys demeaning women, who, nonetheless, find him irresistible. Claudia, an otherwise shrewd executive played by an alarmingly manic Jacqueline Bisset, is wild to get close to him.(…)

Witches, The (1990)

Produced by Jim Henson (The Muppets), whose famed Creature Shop provided the amazing special effects, Academy Award-winner Angelica Huston stars in this fanciful and exciting story about a nine-year-old and his grandmother who turn the tables on a witch’s plot to turn all the children of Britain into mice. Co-starring comedy legend Rowan Atkinson (of(…)

World Is Not Enough, The (1999)

The 19th Bond adventure opens with a high-octane boat chase along London’s River Thames leading to a fight on the Millennium Dome. From then on the pace never lets up. While Pierce Brosnan returns as the suave secret agent, director Michael Apted moves away from the cartoon acting style of previous Bond outings and coaxes(…)

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

You’ve Got Mail stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks as rivals – she owns a small bookshop, he runs a greedy chain – who fall in love on the Internet. It’s pretty, predictable and was destined to be a hit though director and co-writer Nora Ephron and her star duo struck wittier, more resonant notes in Sleepless In(…)