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Sixth Sense, The (1999)


8-year-old Cole (Haley Joel Osment) confesses to his shrink: “I see dead people”. But what do the lost souls of the world want from this child?

Although Bruce Willis stars in The Sixth Sense, his name is not highlighted on movie posters because the makers wanted to let the suspense chiller find its audience through word of mouth.

Ironically, Willis turns in his most sympathetic performance to date as Cole’s psychiatrist, Malcolm Crewe. Osment is even better as his patient – a courageous boy confused and terrified by his unwanted gift.

Writer/Director Manoj Night Shyamalan displays an assured touch in this ghostly shocker about fear and loss, shot in a gloomy Philadelphia.

And only the more horror-literate moviegoers would guess the story’s final twist.

Haley Joel Osment
Bruce Willis
Toni Collette

M Night Shyamalan