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Yentl (1984)

Barbra Streisand spent fifteen years of her life trying to get Yentl on the screen. Every cynic in the film industry told her it could not be done. In the end she co-wrote the film, produced it (with a great deal of her own personal financing) and directed it herself. Set in Eastern Europe in 1904, this(...)

Yogi’s Ark Lark (1973)

You Can’t See ’round Corners (1969)

The story of a man who has a chip on his shoulder and is against the world at large. Frankie McCoy (Ken Shorter) is young, stylish and tough, an illegal 'SP’ bookmaker in the working-class Sydney suburb of Newtown. Conscripted to fight in Vietnam, he enters basic training at Kapooka camp, but neither the food nor(...)

You Must Be Joking! (1965)

If you've ever wondered how Monty Python's "Upper-Class Twit of the Year" sketch would fare at feature length, this scattershot comedy from Michael Winner will give you a pretty good idea. The premise - five soldiers set loose on swinging England in an initiative test to collect a selection of esoteric items and perform various(...)

You Only Live Twice (1967)

The fifth in the Bond series sees James Bond and the Japanese secret service ninja force taking on arch-nemesis Blofeld, who has been capturing US and Soviet spacecraft in an attempt to start World War III leaving SPECTRE as the only superpower left to dominate the world. While in Japan, Bond joins forces with the(...)

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

You've Got Mail stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks as rivals - she owns a small bookshop, he runs a greedy chain - who fall in love on the Internet. It's pretty, predictable and was destined to be a hit though director and co-writer Nora Ephron and her star duo struck wittier, more resonant notes in Sleepless In(...)

Young Einstein (1988)

A chap called Yahoo Serious wrote, produced, directed and starred in this Australian spoof biography of Albert Einstein - a Naive Tasmanian scientist who invents rock 'n' roll and successfully splits the beer atom, and is then sent to the Australian mainland to make his family's fortune from the breakthrough. As he develops a series of bizarre inventions, he(...)

Young Frankenstein (1974)

Dr. Frankenstein's grandson, Frederick von Frankenstein, reluctantly decides to follow in his ancestor's footprints in Mel Brooks' affectionate parody of horror films. Frederick would like to forget his heritage, insisting that his university students pronounce his last name "Fronkensteen" but when news arrives that Frederick has inherited his grandfather's Transylvanian estate, the young Frankenstein travels(...)

Young Guns (1988)

In this version of the legend of Billy the Kid, the young William H Bonney joins a wealthy rancher's gang of young guns. When the rancher is murdered by a ruthless landowner, the gang swear revenge, but their vigilante actions put them on the wrong side of the law - and make Bonney the most(...)

Young Lions, The (1958)

Three soldiers have their outlook on life drastically altered during the Second World War. An idealistic German lieutenant begins to question his faith in Nazi ideology, an American singer does his best to dodge the draft, and a Jewish recruit encounters prejudice from his own side. The action leapfrogs from Paris to America and from(...)

Young Ones, The (1961)

In 1961, Cliff Richard had most of the world at his feet. Easily Britain's most successful performer, he had just picked up his fifth gold disc (for A Girl Like You), was playing to packed houses worldwide, and had Britain's most popular group - The Shadows - as his backing band. Cliff had broadened his appeal from(...)

Young Savages, The (1960)

Shot on the streets of Harlem, Frankenheimer's juvenile delinquency movie has Burt Lancaster's DA Hank Bell caught between two street gangs while seeking justice for a blind Puerto Rican kid murdered by Italian punks. Features Puerto Rican gang members dressed like The Specials restyled by The Cramps, and the delightful cynicism of Telly Savalas. The gang fight scenes,(...)

Zabriskie Point (1970)

After enjoying the biggest success of his career with Blow Up (1966), Michelangelo Antonioni spent two years and $7 million of Hollywood’s money-making Zabriskie Point, a mind-expanding odyssey of two youths (Mark Frechette and Daria Halprin) on the run from the police after a violent student demonstration. Their surreal adventures in the California desert climax in(...)

Zachariah (1970)

This offbeat and satirical rock Western was co-written by members of America's ever-so-hip Firesign Theatre and boasts appearances by a whole host of contemporary musicians, including Country Joe and The Fish, The James Gang, Elvin Jones and the New York Rock Ensemble. Hero Zach (John Rubinstein) becomes a gunfighter but his heart is uneasy and he sets(...)

Zapped! (1982)

An entertaining cross between Porky's and Carrie which stars Scott Baio, alias Chachi from Happy Days, as a nerdy high-school kid who gets zapped in a chem-lab explosion, and finds he has the power to move objects by thought alone. Cue lots of teen high jinks, such as telekinetically divesting the busty local girls of(...)

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