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Lost Boys, The (1987)

“You’re a creature of the night, Michael. Wait till Mom hears about this!” This hugely popular comedic film from 1987 was the first film to mix vampires with a rockin’ 1980s soundtrack and kick-started the late 80s rethink of what was cool for movie-going youth. Forget wearing a “Choose Life” T-Shirt and baggy white pants,(…)

Lost In Space (1998)

This big-budget screen version of Irwin Allen’s cult 1960s TV series is a charmless if flashy affair under the direction of Stephen Hopkins. The Robinson family’s Earth migration experiment is sabotaged by evil Doctor Smith (Gary Oldman) and they are forced to land on a mysterious planet inhabited by mutated monster spiders. A conscious attempt(…)

Love and Death (1975)

Riffing on heavyweight Russian literature (Tolstoy’s War and Peace, Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment), Woody Allen doesn’t just mercilessly mock these hefty tomes, but cheerfully takes down Russian filmmakers (Eisenstein), philosophers (Gurdjieff) and any other international figures – Ingmar Bergman, T.S. Eliot – who takes his fancy. An assassination plot in Tsarist Russia might seem a(…)

Love At First Bite (1979)

Robert Kaufman’s Love At First Bite was an uneven but frequently very funny tale of Count Dracula coming to contemporary New York in pursuit of a haute-couture cover girl he has fallen for from afar. George Hamilton – displaying hitherto unexpected and unexploited comedic gifts –  is hilarious as the lovesick Transylvanian; Susan Saint James is delightful as the(…)

Love Bug, The (1969)

A fun-filled Disney romp about Herbie – a Volkswagen Beetle who develops a distinct personality and its own ideas of where it wants to go. Herbie’s owner (Jones) goes along for the ride (like he has a choice!) Herbie begins his life in the care of race driver Peter Thorndyke, a stuffy Brit with a lead(…)

Love In The Afternoon (1957)

A polished diamond from Billy Wilder, complete with romance, sophistication, wicked humour and the beauty of Paris. Magical Audrey Hepburn is the innocent daughter of French detective Maurice Chevalier, who has been hired to spy on American playboy Gary Cooper.  When Cooper and Hepburn meet, sparks fly. The result is one of the most hilarious seduction(…)

Love Me or Leave Me (1955)

Love Me or Leave Me (1955)

Love Me or Leave Me is a powerful MGM musical that established Doris Day as a first-rate dramatic actress with an impressive emotional range. This scalding biography of Ruth Etting, nightclub singer and Follies star, was a front-runner in the Oscar race of 1955. Shedding the girl-next-door image, Doris shared acting honours with James Cagney, as the(…)

Love Me Tender (1956)

Early in his career Elvis Presley realised that if he wanted to promote all his records, it would be impossible to keep on doing exhausting concert tours. So, not having the incredible television networking facilities of later decades, he took a chance and threw himself whole-heartedly into the lap of the Hollywood Dream Machine –(…)

Love Story (1970)

The plot of Love Story is basically this; Two students marry. She dies. But people wept while standing in line to see Arthur Hiller’s maudlin tale (taken from Erich Segal’s tearful best-seller) of a dislikeable preppie (Ryan O’Neal) who marries his lower-class fellow student (Ali MacGraw) who is dying of cancer. And what students. They never picket(…)

Love Thy Neighbour (1973)

The attitudes on display in this film based on the 1970s TV comedy series are so dated that they are more laughable than offensive. Time, however, hasn’t dimmed its spectacular unfunniness – if ever a sitcom less deserved elevation to the big screen then this was it. Watch it only to boggle at a career(…)

Love-Ins, The (1967)

From teen exploitation wizard, producer Sam Katzman, The Love-Ins gleefully rips off Timothy Leary, the Haight-Ashbury hippie movement and everything in sight, in the story of a straight laced professor (Richard Todd) who becomes something of a cult figure and guru to a mob of impressionable college kids. It all ends in tears though, when – after(…)

Loved One, The (1965)

Arriving in California to visit his uncle Sir Francis Hinsley, young Englishman Dennis Barlow (Robert Morse) takes a job at the Happier Hunting Ground, a pet cemetery. When his uncle commits suicide, Dennis finds himself drawn into the bizarre world of mortuaries and morticians. An outrageous, scathing black comedy about the business of death and(…)

Loving You (1957)

Elvis Presley‘s second movie gives us a precious look at the King in his rock ‘n’ roll prime. He appeared in colour for the first time, delivering a great soundtrack and a solid performance. When young hillbilly singer Deke Rivers is hired to boost the waning popularity of Tex Warner’s cowboy band, he becomes a teenage(…)

Lunch Hour (1962)

Shirley Anne Field gives a fiery performance as a young designer on the brink of starting an affair with a married male supervisor (Robert Stephens) at the wallpaper factory where she works. Lunch Hour is a sweet but stylish and highly enjoyable story of simmering tensions and sexual conflict. Based on the play by John(…)

Lust For Life (1956)

The tormented life of the painter Vincent Van Gogh, from his days in the coal mining region of Belgium to his suicide at Auvers-sur-Oise, is the subject of this splendid film by Vincente Minnelli. Before shooting even started the director had several battles with the MGM front office. He won his fight to shoot in(…)

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