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Nil By Mouth (1998)

This harrowing directorial debut from actor Gary Oldman centres on violence and alcoholism within a working-class family in the claustrophobic environment of a Bermondsey (south London) housing estate. Although the film is not specifically autobiographical, Oldman has drawn from his own experiences growing up with an alcoholic father in neighbouring New Cross to create a portrait(...)

Nine To Five (1980)

Judy Bernly (a housewife whose husband left her for his secretary) begins her own secretarial career at a huge corporation. Violet Newstead, a feisty, veteran office manager, instructs her on the perils and procedures of office life, and of working for Franklin Hart Jr, their chauvinistic, sleazy boss, and his right-hand woman, the crisp, nosy(...)

Nixon (1996)

This biographical drama from director Oliver Stone stars Anthony Hopkins as Richard Milhous Nixon. From a humble Quaker upbringing, Nixon rose to became the 37th president of the United States in 1969, but his political achievements were destined to be overshadowed by the Watergate scandal. Stone sees Nixon as a man suffering from paranoia, haunted(...)

No Blade of Grass (1970)

In the near future a combination of extreme pollution and a virus which destroys grass, rice and barley, has led to global famine. The Custance family flees London and heads north looking for food and sanctuary as society collapses around them into a bleak and violent state of anarchy and chaos. On the way to(...)

No Sex Please, We’re British (1973)

Originally a Box Office hit on the stage in 1971, No Sex Please, We're British concerns the impact of a sex shop (The Aphrodisia Bookshop ) on a suburban high street, where it is flanked by the Christian Reading Room and Barclay's Bank. The plot is simple and farcical - A bank clerk (Ronnie Corbett) receives the(...)

North By Northwest (1959)

Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest is a blithely implausible chase thriller in which glibly feckless ad-man Roger O. Thornhill (Cary Grant) becomes the object of a cross-country spy hunt when he is mistaken for a government agent - the mysterious "Mr Kaplan" - by a ruthless espionage organisation. It's packed with artful set pieces characteristic of Hitch, including(...)

Nosferatu (1978)

Sent to the Carpathian mountains to secure a real estate deal, Jonathan Harker (Bruno Ganz) persuades Count Dracula (Klaus Kinski) to buy a house in his hometown of Wismar when he inadvertently reveals a picture of his beloved wife, Lucy (Isabelle Adjani). Growing increasingly unsettled by the Count’s strange behavior (such as trying to lick(...)

Not Now, Comrade (1976)

Rudi Petrovyan (Lewis Fiander), a Russian ballet star, decides to defect to the West but so many complications and mix-ups occur that in the end he changes his mind. Packed with mistaken identities, assumed names, confusion, double-takes and triple entendres, this uproarious British farce features a stellar line-up including comedy veterans Leslie Phillips, Roy Kinnear,(...)

Not With My Wife, You Don’t! (1966)

Romantic comedy starring Tony Curtis, Virna Lisi (who also starred with Frank Sinatra the same year in Assault On A Queen) and George C Scott. Tom Ferris (Curtis) wins the hand of his wife Julie (Lisi) by telling her that his army buddy and romantic rival 'Tank' Martin (Scott) has been killed during the Korean War. But as(...)

Nothing But The Best (1964)

Humble estate agent's clerk Jimmy Brewster (Alan Bates), determined to become a gentleman whatever the cost, asks sleazy ex-public schoolboy Charlie Prince (Denholm Elliott) to teach him social graces. Scripted by Frederic Raphael, photographed by Nicolas Roeg and directed by Clive Donner, this has all the credentials to be one of the best British big-screen(...)

Notting Hill (1999)

The Four Weddings and A Funeral (1994) team produced another smash with this charming tale about a bumbling bookshop owner (Hugh Grant) who falls for the "most famous actress in the world" (Julia Roberts). Inevitably, the course of true love is a bumpy road, with friends, family and layabout flatmate Spike (played by Rhys Ifans in(...)

Nude Bomb, The (1980)

Strictly for TV nostalgia freaks, The Nude Bomb unsuccessfully attempted to resurrect the characters created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry for the hit Sixties TV series, Get Smart. But with the absence of Barbara Feldon and Edward Platt (who were integral to the series as Agent 99 and The Chief respectively), the screenplay laboured under a decided(...)

Nuns On The Run (1990)

Some Like It Hot (1959) with wimples, Jonathan Lynn's ecclesiastical cross-dressing caper sees two London gangsters (Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane) hole up in a convent after ripping off the Triads. The gags are far from sophisticated but the duo's falsetto blagging is ridiculous enough to prompt the occasional chuckle. Brian Hope Eric Idle Charlie McManus(...)

Nutty Professor, The (1963)

In spite of almost universal criticism, this immensely accomplished comedy remains actor/co-writer/director Jerry Lewis's best and funniest screen work. It's really "Doctor Jerry and Mister Love" (the film's French title translated), as Lewis plays buck-toothed and awkward chemistry professor Julius Kelp who is hooked on lovely student Stella Purdy (Stella Stevens). Lewis makes and takes a(...)

Nutty Professor, The (1996)

This reworking of the 1963 Jerry Lewis comedy saw Eddie Murphy back on form as Sherman Klump, a sweet-natured, obese science teacher who perfects a potion that turns him into a svelte, sexy love machine called Buddy Love. Of course, the potion wears off at the most unfortunate times, making his attempts at romance with(...)

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