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O Lucky Man! (1973)

Once again Malcolm McDowell plays Michael Travis, who comes face to face with an even more troubled society than in If. . . (1968). Here, he has become a conformist, caught up in rigid philosophies. Travis is now an ambitious coffee salesman (as McDowell himself had been before taking up acting) who sights are unswervingly set on success.(...)

Obsession (1976)

High melodrama, creeping insanity and barely contained delirium abound in this dizzying tribute to the high tension thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock from director Brian De Palma, who would go on to greatness with Carrie (1976), Dressed to Kill (1980) and Scarface (1983). Michael Courtland is a successful Southern businessman who seems to have everything - until his wife and daughter are(...)

Ocean’s Eleven (1960)

You wouldn't call it a gang. Just Danny Ocean and his 11 pals - the night they blew all the lights in Las Vegas! Sands casino Sinatra is his least appealing alter ego. He is cocky, smug and vulgar, as he consorts with his showbiz pals on stage and with some dubious individuals off it.(...)

Octopussy (1983)

Roger Moore looked pretty long in the snout in For Your Eyes Only (1981), his previous entry in the Bond series. Miraculously, he looks younger than ever in this one (The 13th movie in the Bond series and the penultimate appearance by Moore as 007). It can't be clean living. It probably has more to do with(...)

Odd Angry Shot, The (1979)

When The Odd Angry Shot was released in 1979, it came in for a good deal of misdirected critical flak because it wasn't a different kind of film about Vietnam. It was chided for not mounting a more obvious case against Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war. The point that was often missed by reviewers brandishing their(...)

Odessa File, The (1974)

Directed by Ronald Neame (The Poseidon Adventure) from a story by Frederick Forsyth, The Odessa File takes us back to Hamburg, Germany in 1963. An elderly Jewish man commits suicide, leaving a diary that falls into the hands of freelance German journalist Peter Miller (Jon Voight). The diary documents the unspeakable crimes of cruelty, torture and mass(...)

Officer and a Gentleman, An (1982)

Richard Gere plays a street tough Navy brat (Zack Mayo) whose mother committed suicide when he was thirteen, and whose alcoholic sailor father raised him above a whorehouse in the Philippines. Zack has been on his own most of his life, and he has the tattoos to prove it, along with the scars, both visible(...)

Oh, God! (1977)

God (George Burns) chooses Jerry Landers (country singer John Denver), a supermarket assistant manager, to spread the gospel. But, of course, nobody believes a word Jerry says. A very, very funny original, which, together with The Sunshine Boys, revitalised the career of cigar-chomping veteran comedian George Burns. Skilled comedy director Carl Reiner works wonders with(...)

Oh! What A Lovely War (1969)

Oh! What A Lovely War (1969)

In his first project as a director, Richard Attenborough restaged the First World War on Brighton pier. Oh! What A Lovely War was an ambitious attempt to translate to the screen Joan Littlewood's history of the 1914-18 conflict. Her Stratford East stage hit combined music-hall songs, diaries and contemporary commentary in a withering attack on the(...)

Oklahoma! (1955)

Curly McLain (MacRae) is a cowboy in the territory of Oklahoma (shortly to become a state). He is courtin' Laurey (Jones), a sweet strawberry-blonde farm girl who's been raised by her Aunt Eller (Greenwood). He's invited Laurey to a 'social'. She wants to go, but thinks he'll get big-headed if he realises how much she(...)

Oliver! (1968)

"Please Sir, can I have some more?". Mark Lester nabbed the classic line as Oliver Twist in this immensely popular musical film version of Charles Dickens' classic novel. Set in 19th Century London, the film tells the story of a little orphan boy who escapes the harsh life of the workhouse and tries to cope(...)

Omega Man, The (1971)

It's the near future (1975!) and germ warfare has wiped out virtually all of the human race, but scientist and US Army Colonel Robert Neville (Charlton Heston) is able to immunise himself. Many of the survivors have turned into savage mutants who form a technology-hating cult and set out to kill Neville, whom they see(...)

Omen, The (1976)

Coming out of the vogue for theological shockers in the wake of The Exorcist, The Omen arguably threatened to beat it at its own game. In this tale of a family who begin to discover that their adopted son is in fact Satan junior, the gore and shocks come fast, but it's the growing sense of menace played(...)

On Golden Pond (1981)

A film dealing with themes of old age, the approach of death and the lack of communication in family relationships, On Golden Pond was a bitter-sweet comedy/drama in which Henry Fonda played Norman Thayer, a crotchety retired professor who returns with his wife (Katharine Hepburn) to Golden Pond, their idyllic lakeside cottage in New England, USA, to(...)

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

The sixth Bond movie saw a temporary change of leading man, with Sean Connery (the one true Bond) departing, and odd-Bond-out George Lazenby making his one and only appearance as 007. After five gruelling movies in six years, Sean Connery was sick of playing Bond as the Sixties came to a close. He clearly told the(...)

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